With the AkshayTritya, commonly also known as AkhaTeej out in bloom this auspicious occassion many buyers are on a lookout to graduate for a change in their home. It’s a ShubhMuhurat- Right time to invest in property for sale in Bhopal.

SonalVaishnavi, a real estate consultant says,“There has been a growing positivity in the real estate sector. This boom tends to invoke cheerfulness in estate agents as well as buyers and positive sentiments are marked by investing in something new, mostly a new home”The auspicious sentiments of the festive occasion is celebrated by booking their dream home or shifting in their dream home on the very day of AkshayaTrityawith a thought to celebrate and rejoice and for abundance to grow manifold in their new dwelling.

Shri.GopalSunam, and his family who is just waiting to shift bags in their new swanky home states “Our family is highly modernized in intellect and thought. But there is no denying thing that since all living spaces are said to be filled with unseen entities, it is vital our dream home be purified of the place by performing all necessary rituals as per the Hindu Shastra.Hence, Grihapraveshaceremony is going to be performed at our house on the most auspicious day of Dassera, this year in 2015. We have started our wood work on the auspicious day of AkshayTritya so that the entire work of interior decoration is completed on scheduled time within budget as per the trends and style. We performed KalashPoojaas per the Hindu ritual as soon as we got possession of our dream home during Holi. The KalashPujan as per the mythological customs was performed   to mark the welcome of an auspicious beginning of the property.

AkshayTritya- Right Time To Invest In Property and Welcome Abundance In Life

In this section of the blog let us understand the elements and the auspicious importance of GrihaPravesh

First thing First

Consult the priest to select an auspicious good day and time to conduct the GrihaPraveshPooja so that your family has good health, wealth and prosperity in the new dwelling. It’s a traditional and contemporary belief of Hindusthat a house when clean is not only inviting and pleasant for the guests but also is marked by the presence of the holy gods and goddesses. You might complete your home décor that reflects your style and personality but inherently as Hindus are accustomed to follow rituals.

Practice Rituals that Soothe your Space and You

Let your home be soaked in the rituals to express the art, music and endless varieties of patterns and styles for the ceremony including the essential five elements of nature such as Milk –symbolic to Water, Incense sticks – symbolic of Air, Flowers, Fire and the sound of a Bell that represents Space. These elements when brought together and offered to the divine power, needless to say ensures prosperity and protection of the inmates

Invoke the Holy Gods

It is advisable to be on fast on the day of GruhaPraveshPooja. Take bath before pooja, decorate house with Toran (door hanging), garlands etc.Sprinkling of holy water is followed by prayers for good health, wealth and happiness to purify all the corners. This ritual is believed to ward off any bad spirits, negative energy that may be present in the house and bring peace, prosperity and good health for the inhabitants.

Then perform the GrihaPraveshVidhis to quell the spirits and purify the environment by echo of the shlokas and mantras and the incensed smoke from the holy bonfire (Hawan) marked to pacify the planetary deities.

Added Rituals that follow to Welcome Abundance of Prosperity

The lady of the house boils milk, till it overflows. This ritual is performed to allow abundance of happiness, wealth and peace in the dwelling. The milk then shared by the members of the family signifies the families togetherness in all good as well as bad.

Panchamrut, a holy liquid mixture prepared by mixing of Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey & Sugar is distributed as Prasadaam to all the guests and relatives.After the rituals, the guests are treated to a lunch to share the owner’s happiness with his relatives.

After the auspicious function, you should commence to stay with your family in the blessed house by the spiritual gods and goddesses from that very day.