Services offered by airports or airline operators may vary from one individual air operative to the other, however, it is always important that we make use of this numerous services as is offered – since they’ve been designed to ease air transport passengers.

Are you a that type of person who loves traveling by air transport to several places of choice and business? If so? Am sure reading this piece of article would benefit you in one significant way or the other; more so providing you with ideas on some of the freely entitled airport transport services you really may not be using up. To start with, some of us who are regular air passengers do not remember their entitlement as passengers and thus forget to use it up, are you trying to save resources or money for the airline operators? Oh common!

Ok, let me get the cat outta the bag for you to see, number one!

You don’t remember to ask for water

This may sound funny but i’m truly serious about it, a lot of us don’t remember to ask for drinking water, hence we prepare ourselves very well before taking off – forgetting that it is the responsibilities of airline operators to offer top notch hospitality to you as a passenger. For example, a good number of us purchase bottled water, maybe a can of juice, milk or energy booster etc just in case a little bit of feeling of thirst or weakness. Hey common!, it’s true that airline services does not really incorporate custom drinks as seem your choice, but to endeavor to remember that generally authorized fruit juices and other soft drinks are basically for your own consumption, you should endeavor to ask for it.

More meal should you not be satisfied on what you’re served

Of course there is a prefixed timing for meal servings – Lunch, dinner, and breakfast considering your traveling time. One thing I have come to realize is that sometimes, a lot of people don’t get satisfaction from what is obtainable from the airport hostess or attendants; yet they fail to ask for more! It doesn’t just make sense to leave that delicious meal in there when you’ve got the need for it.

Summon up courage to ask the air hostess for more of your choice of delicious meal and drink, mam sure she won’t hesitate to respond with swiftness – it’s your entitlement.

Feeling Unease

This may be considered most at times a mistake, but I can assure you how it hurts to know that someone sitting just next to you is feeling unease but mute about it. There are several reasons anyone may become unease aboard an airline, it could result from minor illness, the type of meal you took onboard or before coming onboard, spontaneous sickness etc.

Consulting the airline operatives via the air hostess should be the foremost action you should endeavor to take when such situation arises – this could decline the chances of getting worsened.