Travelers who plan to use long-term airport parking tullamarine services want to know their vehicles will be safe. Terminal parking offers the convenience of driving to the airport and leaving the car for pickup upon return from the trip. However, some travelers are uneasy about leaving cars in long-term parking. There is no need to feel anxious as long as appropriate security features are in place.

Airport Parking Security

Shuttle Service

No matter where the vehicle is parked, whether near or far from the terminal, shuttle service should be available for prompt delivery to the main concourse for quick access to the ticket window or airline gate of departure. Shuttles should run on schedule around the clock and cost little to nothing for passengers. They should be clean and safe, as well.

Parking Area Surveillance

Whether the car is parked in a covered facility or in an open lot, there should be adequate security surveillance, day and night. This can be handled through a monitor watched by security staff from a remote location, or through security officers routinely patrolling the parking areas. Security staff may be airport employees or perhaps contracted off-duty police officers or security agency employees from the nearby community. Ideally, camera footage would be available in case of a break-in or theft.


Overhead and/or surrounding lights should be well maintained to keep the parking area bright and well illuminated. All lights should be working, with none burned out, and strong enough to ensure clear visibility. Security personnel may need to carry hand-held flashlights with high beams as well to check areas between and under parked vehicles.


Many airports secure their long-term parking areas with fences or borders that are difficult if not impossible for intruders to penetrate. Chain link fences, barb wire, or other types of gated security will help to keep thieves from stealing car parts or the vehicles themselves.

Parking Passes

Travelers who park vehicles in long-term airport parking tullamrine lots are sometimes issued digital codes for electronic entry and exit. Often, printed cards are given to be placed in the vehicle’s window or rearview mirror. The owners will then need to either use the key to enter the vehicle on their return, or they will be given a parking ticket stub that allows them to leave the parking area with the vehicle.


When considering long-term parking at an airport, try to check out the lot or facility before flying. Look for well-kept grounds that are free of debris, broken glass, and trash. If possible, park directly under or near bright lights to help the vehicle remain visible at all times, especially to security personnel who will be checking the area periodically. If the neighborhood is a high crime area, take extra precautions by installing an alarm in the vehicle or having a friend or family member stop by to check it during your absence. Parking as close as possible to the terminal will save time when checking in for a flight and returning to pick up the vehicle.

Leaving a car, truck, or motorcycle in an airport’s long-term parking area can be very convenient and save time for busy travelers. Just be sure the designated parking area is well attended for the period of time you will be gone. You will have greater peace of mind during your trip in knowing your car is safe and secure.