Tips on Making the Most of Your LED Estate Agent Displays

Whilst the housing market faces a period of uncertainty post-Brexit, with no precedent to understand how the market might perform, it is conceivable that there are a few nerves around. With that in mind, estate agents will have to work even harder to maximise their sales, and LED estate agent displays can help with impact.

Being an island with a growing population, it follows that there has been a growing demand across the UK for some time. Many are employed to sell or rent and often manage properties, too. People are expecting a lot more of their agents, and there is a lot more competition, too. That means an estate agent worth his salt will be upping his game and grabbing potential buyers’ attention straight away. Making service and quality the key unique selling points is a good bet, though it will take a lot of hard work. That starts with an eye-catching window display.

The office window is a fantastic marketing opportunity for agencies in a town centre; footfall is plentiful. Where there are lots of competitors in a small area, you can be confident that there is a market there, though it’s also true that you will need to make your display different enough to get people’s attention and make them look again. Getting that display wrong can be a big mistake. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your window.

Light It Up

It’s a straight-forward concept: putting light in your window display instantly makes it more eye-catching, but it also lets your potential customers know immediately that you are open. The sort of light you use will depend on the style of window, but make sure lighting up is a priority. LEDs will help give your window a very modern look, and when used as lighting rather than with backlit screens, will allow for more flexibility in the long term.

Use the space well. Put your best properties in the easiest place to see – at eye level. Don’t forget smaller windows or those that might see fewer people; they still need to work hard or the business, so try to remember they need some thought so as not to undermine the hard work the team is doing.

Don’t Lose Sight of Branding

Stick to your overall brand colour and tone of voice as potentially a first impression for someone who isn’t yet a customer. Keeping a colour, for example, makes it consistent across your department so that people make the link.

Make the Most of Your Space

Include statistical analysis on where you are and what you’re doing about it. Show off your strengths! Once your photos are there, don’t forget about it. Make sure someone has the job of updating it very regularly, and consistently with the SCS team. Estate agents spend a lot of money on their displays, so make sure the view is great from every angle. Stick stickers across those that are no longer available that state “SOLD” to ensure there is no confusion. Don’t forget side windows, as combining those with the main space can make a very striking display.

Allocate a single point of contact for the window who can answer questions anyone might have on the display or the properties featured. Regularly updating the display means that it is constantly interesting to those who come past regularly.

Check Out the Competition

Being unique and standing out from the crowd is important, but it is also useful to understand what your key competitors are showing off, too. Keep an eye out, and you might even get some good ideas to adapt. You’ll see what’s important to them and might get an indication of which elements of their business are performing the best. Which properties do they display most prominently? Do they suddenly have a focus on commercial property?

Take some time to plan the initial layout of your window display, and think about the lighting. Think too about the message the whole display sends out about your brand. It might even be worth consulting a designer to get the initial set-up right. Getting it right will do more for your business than simple aesthetics.