Basics of hydronic heating go down to the transfer of heat by steam or water. The hydronic heating system is the most efficient, versatile, practical and dependable method available for heating our home up. This system works by pumping heated boiler steam or water through sealed systems, radiators, in floor radiant tubing, warming baseboards or other hydronic devices. Replacement of old devices is very important from time to time for better efficiency. The hydronic boiler replacement is one such example. These boilers can either be used for processing hot water applications or building heat.

Advantages of Hydronic Boiler Over an Old Steam System

The old systems of heating process are prone to loss of heat. Old steam systems use steam – to – heat exchanger while a hydronic one have a direct equipment of steam heating. There are a few reasons why hydronic boiler replacement is more favorable.

  • Energy is lost in the systems of steam boilers through steam leaks and steam traps. As a result, operational efficiency is compromised.
  • Losses also occur through radiation in the piping since steam systems work at a high temperature. On the other hand, the hydronic heating system minimizes the heat loss by adding much insulation around the piping.

The 4 Keys to Replace a Boiler

There are particular ways followed for a successful hydronic boiler replacement.

Selection of the right product: The first and the most important thing to keep in mind during a boiler replacement is that they should be free of any harmful radiations and should be safe to touch. A poorly designed boiler can ensure long term dissatisfaction even if we stick to the other factors in a right way.

Selecting a right contractor: Well experienced and professionally trained contractors are required for replacing a boiler. A hydronic boiler replacement is a lot different than simply removal of an old boiler and insertion of a new one. The replacing boiler must be of the appropriate size and the piping layout must be reviewed in order to ensure harmony in the working of heating system.

Advantages Of Hydronic Boiler Replacement

Getting a Proper Boiler Size

A lot has changed in today’s world, and so has a hydronic boiler. It is quite different from the one that is to be replaced. Performing a perfect heat loss analysis is a must in selecting a proper boiler for our home. A massive sized boiler will cause excessive cycling resulting in driving up energy costs. The one which is too small fails to meet the expectations and hardly provides the required warmth in cold days.

Use of Outdoor Reset

In new boilers, one of the biggest gains is its use of computer technology in adjusting the hydronic system with the heating load. In a warmer weather, the house is heated efficiently by lowering the temperature of the system.

Minimal Maintenance of a Hydronic Boiler

It is often easier to maintain a hydronic boiler system than maintaining a steam one. A steam boiler operates with the chemical treatment. As the water gets evaporated into steam, the minerals and chemicals stay inside the boiler where they become highly concentrated. A hydronic system on the other hand has a closed –loop system. So the chemicals get significantly reduced and very little makeup water is required unlike a steam one.

A hydronic boiler replacement involves replacement of a steam boiler with the hydronic one helping in increasing the efficiency and decreasing the operating costs. The replacement proves to be more advantageous and correspondingly enhances the potential efficiency gains. The experience with hydronic system is altogether pleasant.

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