Laptop is a portable device that can be carried anywhere, often people are confused whether they need laptop or desktop. I will say it totally depends on your daily routine and responsibility. If you are a person who keep all your essential files stored in your pc that you need for your daily work then definitely laptop is perfectly fine to have.

Laptop is somewhere middle ground of computer Repair world. It is smaller than desktop but bigger than tablet. The compatibility of all these 3 devices are almost same but their size and purposes divide them from each other.

Some people prefer 10 to 12 inches laptop if they are buying specifically for professional use only, but movies buff go for 15 or 17 inches full hd for some great cinematic experience.

So finally if you are looking forward to buy one this month then please read this article about laptop benefits and disadvantages, this will help you to choose one among desktop, laptop, tablet.


Portable :One of the biggest advantage of having laptop is that it can be carried anywhere. It is of light weight and you can work on your laptop  at home or office whenever you want. Meetings can be done on skype easily even if you are travelling, best part access your essential file whenever in need.

Instant solution :As i said laptop can be carried anywhere, you can solve any problem within seconds whenever you are facing one. For eg- if you are giving lecture to your students and they are unable to understand your point verbally then you can even show him pictorial presentation or a video, visual tends to explain better than word of mouth.

Power efficient :Laptops are pretty much power efficient, they tends to consume only 10-30w of electricity. Offices that requires desktop for work can use laptop instead as the power consumption is very low on laptop than computer.


Customization problems:Laptop design and pattern is lot more different than pc, it is easier to do customization in pc but very difficulty to do in laptop.  you can extend RAM and hard disk space but customization in other parts such as graphic card, cooling pad is rare to repair or replace.

Theft issues:Due to it’s high prices and portability it makes laptop more vulnerable to thieves. It is a hurdle to carry laptop carefully everywhere. Even the personal and proffessional data from laptop can easily be obtained by anyone.

Battery life:Laptop do not last long when it comes to durability, If you watch video or do presentation often, then it won’t be able to run without charger Moreover laptop has not much longer battery life. After a certain period of time you will end up at laptop repair shop for replace or repair of your battery.

Conclusion :Every device has its own pros and cons. It doesn’t imply you just stop buying something just because of it’s disadvantages. The main purpose of providing details about the product is just to prepare you to make informed decision. It all depends the purpose for which you want the device.