Advantages and Disadvantages Of Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows Melbourne

Double glazed windows are specially constructed with two layers or panels of glass. An inert gas is sealed between the layers of the windows. This helps in doubling the insulation as compares to single glaze window. The primary use of these windows is to increase the insulation provided. Sealing is essential to making the windows airtight. Otherwise the gas can escape from between the windows.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Double Glazed Windows

The Advantages

  • Cost Savings Through Energy Savings

The airtight construction of glazed windows creates thermal insulation. This decreases the flow of incoming and outgoing heat. The double glazed windows are completely airtight to ensure that the gas does not leak out from the windows. The special construction imparts insulation properties to the windows. The insulation properties of the windows make it difficult for then heat to flow between them. This allows the room to stay at one particular temperature scale for a longer period of time. The room can be heated up faster or cooled down quickly depending on the needs of the occupants. The speed of the operation means that the heater or the cooler will need to run for a lesser period of time. This allows more energy to be saved which in turn decreases the amount of money required to pay the energy bills.

It is possible to increase the insulation properties of the windows by attaching more layers to the windows. Each pane of glass traps more heat which in turn increases the insulation strength of the windows.

  • Prevention Of Condensation

Moisture on the warm surface can readily condense into water droplets which freeze into frost on glass surfaces. Frost can result in cracks being formed on the glass surfaces and can even destroy the glass windows. Double glazed windows retain heat for longer periods of time which prevents frost from being formed. Additionally, the occupants of the room can feel cold if frost accumulates on the windows. The heating systems need to be turned up to normalize the temperature. These glazed windows prevent the need for such measures. The air between two panes of glass and the airtight seal can prevent the condensation from building up by blocking moisture in the cold weather.

  • Sound Insulation Properties

Sound insulation is often a major concern for those living in buildings located in noisy areas. Double glazed windows can form a barrier between the room and the outside environment. It reduces the entry of sound from the outside. Moreover, internal noise can’t reach the outside environment. These windows have an excellent property when it comes to sound insulation.

  • The Safety Aspect

Safety is one of the major concerns while installing glass panes on windows. Double glaze windows are tougher to break as compared to simple glaze window. A single pane of glass can be broken quite easily. Hence, they ensure the security to the homes. Additionally, the seals used for double glazed windows are tighter. This makes it harder for people to force the windows open from the outside. This increases the security of the house as well.

  • Reduction Of Harsh Sunlight

Sunlight can be extremely harsh in some places. Sunlight contains UV rays which can cause a bleaching effect on many materials. It reduces the risk of damage to the items exposure to the sunlight. There are many items that are sensitive to the sun. Continued exposure to sunlight can permanently damage those items. The damage is usually of a permanent nature and can rarely be reversed. Double glazed types of windows reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room. The paintings, the carpet, the furniture and other sensitive items in the room will last for a longer period of time if these windows are installed to reduce the sunlight entering the room.


  • Can’t be repaired: If the seal is not airtight, then the condensation will appear between the panes and hence it will get damaged. These windows cannot be repaired if they get damaged.
  • Trap Heat: These windows can make the room unbearable in summer as they trap heat.
  • Not a good match for older homes: It is difficult to make the windows match the aesthetics of rooms designed in a traditional manner.

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