There is something extremely romantic about the Adriatic Coast. The sights always seem to bring to mind ancient histories and legends of the Old World. Sitting North of Greece and East of Italy, the coast whispers of Greek sailors who bravely sailed the unknown waters to become heroes as they triumph over the lure of the Siren’s song.

One thing is for sure, nobody can deny the beautiful, natural splendor that unfolds as their boat goes sailing among the over one thousands islands of Croatia’s Adriatic coast. When planning your seafaring voyage of the Adriatic, you may want to consider packing lightly and bring only what you need. Doing this will make things much easier to organize once in the onboard cabin and you don’t need the extra weight anyway. Do make sure to include a few articles of warmer clothing for cool nights and ocean breezes, a good sun block, shades if possible and your warm weather clothing.

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Best Times for Sailing the Adriatic

The most tourists visit the area in July and August and although things get hopping, it usually isn’t crowded in many places. The best overall conditions for sailing is generally from late March to early November, which gives plenty of leeway for people who want more privacy.

Sailing the Thousand Islands of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast

One of the best things about the Adriatic is that with over one thousand islands stretching along the whole coastline, there are many places to visit and even plan your vacation around. It doesn’t matter if you want to party for a week straight or swim the magical waters of hidden grottoes; there is something here for you. What you must decide is if you want to be part of a chartered cruise vacation or rent a boat or yacht from a Croatian charter and explore the hidden gems of the Adriatic on your own. There are many choices either way so it is a good idea to take your time and find one that will give you the most bang for the buck.

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One of the more romantic options is to book a cruise on a vintage coastal freighter. These sailboats were used to deliver supplies to the islands but have been customized to carry passengers. The freighters are nice because they have that certain feel of history and as they only carry so many passengers at once they are more private than the larger cruise ships. For real privacy you will want to adventure on your own boat. This choice also has many options to choose from, including whether or not you need to hire the crew and captain. If you’re a sailor yourself and have the necessary clearances, you can pilot your own sailing vessel and truly experience the mystery of the Adriatic.

This must be one of the most fun options but it seems that to really let-go of things and enjoy yourself, a small crew would be handy to have. That way your completely free to see the sights and swim the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.