Adhesives To Glue Neodymium Magnet – Check Out The Suitable Option

Magnets are employed in different equipment that is commonly seen in the places like the office, houses, and industries and so on. Many a times, gluing two or more magnets becomes necessary, in order to bring out the right functioning in any equipment. Hence, right type of glue is needed for smooth application of these magnets.

The magnets have a complex structure and hence, it is quite difficult to use the adhesives. Most of them have a nickel coating. Nickel being highly resistant to corrosive attack, it does not support the chemical structure of glue, on its surface. The adhesive include various chemicals that do not develop a strong bond between magnet and adhesive.

The nickel plated products have a smoother and hard surface. This further reduces the ability of metal to stick to glue. If you use an inappropriate glue to stick the magnet, then it will never show satisfactory results.

Which is the right type of adhesive available in the market?

There are different types of adhesives available in the market. You have to research well and make the right decision. Magnets must be kept away from heat and gas. The excessive heat will lose the magnetism of magnets, which makes the rare earth magnet, of no further use. Hence make sure that you never use the adhesive that might require heat for application.

The hot glue guns are not suitable for rare earth magnets. Instead, it is better to use the liquid glue or the super glue. Besides this, urethane adhesives are known to offer great results. If you have to attach the magnet to plastic material, then foam tape will be the best solution.

Learning steps to prepare the magnetic surface

Before applying adhesive to the surface of magnet, you have to be little careful. Make sure that the surface is properly ready to perform the task. It is simple to prepare it if you have the right knowledge. If you are applying the glue on a nickel plated surface, then ensure that you clean and degrease the magnet well.

Different qualities of industrial solvent degreasers are available in the market, to make the task simpler. You must avoid using the alcohol or detergent for this job, as they would not offer effective results.

Now, once the degreaser is applied, use a good quality emery cloth to roughen the surface. This will make sure that the nickel plate does not go from material. In order to check whether the metal is ready for adhesive or not, put a small drop of water on it. Check whether the water droplet form a bead. If yes, then the surface is still not ready for adhesive. If the surface is still not ready, then you could watch online videos or take help of experts to prepare the magnet well.

You could buy these adhesives and degreaser online at affordable rates. Explore different websites that sell the adhesives for magnetic objects. The two part epoxy is the best adhesive till date. However, you could still research a lot to find the best glue. Do not forget to check the customers’ reviews and the ingredients present in adhesives before purchasing them.

These important tips and precautions will surely help you to make the right decision.

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