The housing market in many Australian cities is very competitive and homes sell quickly. If you need more room in your home to welcome your parents or if you want a guest room, adding an extension to your house can be very expensive. A good alternative to buying another house or adding an extension is purchasing a kit home and assembling it on your current property.

Add A Kit Home To Your Property To Provide More Living Space

Any Size You Need

When you need more space in your house, a custom designed kit home can be a more affordable solution than moving or adding to your existing house. Room extensions average from $1,000 to $2,500 per square metre and it can take several weeks for the project to be completed, depending on its size.

Australian kit homes are often better options for most families for several reasons. They are often more affordable than traditional construction, you can custom design the home to your specifications, they are quick to assemble and you can use them to generate extra income. You can also choose the size of home that you need, from a small studio to a two-storey house with three or four bedrooms

All-inclusive Packages

When you choose a kit home, you usually have the option between a standard kit and an all-inclusive kit home. The standard kit allows you to put your construction skills to the test as it comes with everything you need to build a house and you can add your own finishing touches. You will need to choose bathroom and kitchen fixtures, cabinets and other items to finish the inside of the home.

You can also choose all-inclusive kits that already come with everything you need to set up a house, including all of the kitchen and bathroom fittings. These kits are move-in ready, so when the builder you hire completes it, you can simply add furniture and use it as a house for your parents, in-laws or as a rental property.

No Additional Permit Costs

When you purchase a kit home, you don’t have to worry about getting council approval or purchasing permits to build the home. All of the documentation you need will be provided by the builders and they will also include construction plans, the engineer’s certification and other necessary documentation to get the kit home built legally in your area.

Added Privacy

One of the main advantages of a kit home is that it affords you, and those living in it, the privacy you both want. If your parents or in-laws are moving in, they will be close enough that you can take care of them, but everyone will have their own private quarters.

Purchasing a kit home is an efficient, less expensive way to add onto your home so that your parents or in-laws can live with you and your family or you can use it as a guest house for visitors. You will have the additional room you need in your house and the privacy you want as well.