The actor’s art universities are popular in the USA and abroad. There is a rate to certify the art’s institutions – QS World University Rankings. Thus, American university The Juilliard School takes the leading position. The graduates from the art’s academies of the USA are always in charge, proclaiming the name of their Alma mater.

Actor’s Art Programs in the USA

The students who want to be the actors in future learn different aspects of theater and drama, including costumes design and modern art tendencies. Of course, you can also be prepared to build up the career of TV or cinema actor. The graduates, future actors, stage managers and script writers, get the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). There are many institutions that offer Master of Fine Arts programs. It is worth saying that you can learn actor’s arts not only in specialized schools and universities, but humanitarian colleges also. Nevertheless, if you’ve got the diploma of specialized actor’s school, you are the specialist number one.

What are they, the most popular American institutions for future actors?

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The Juilliard School, New York

The Juilliard School holds the position of the best educational establishment in the world that is good for future actors, musicians, dancers. The school takes the leading positions according to the QS World University Rankings.

Yale School of Drama, New Haven

Yale School of Drama takes only 25th position in the QS World University Rankings list. The school provides such popular programs as actor’s arts, costumes design, lights, sound, dramaturgy, drama critics, theater management. This school has more Broadway performances and Tony Award nominees than any other American art school.

Tisch School of the Arts, New York

Tisch School of the Arts prepares not only theater actors. The school main course also includes cinema and TV play preparation. There are many famous teachers and graduates from Tisch, such as talented producers, actors and stage managers as Ann Hathaway, Woody Allen, Oliver Stone and others. They are brilliant in what they are and where they came from.

UCLA, Los Angeles

What kind of city LA is? Just rent a car in Los Angeles and drive to see around. This is a city of Angels, Hollywood, where the cinema industry is greatly developed. The first school you should visit is UCLA. Actually, you cannot find it in the international rate of the arts institutions. Nevertheless, this establishment provides special courses to train actors, dancers, writers, stage managers. The graduated from UCLA are good for Hollywood and Broadway.

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Actor’s Art Summer School FLS, Marymount College, Los Angeles

Students come to Hollywood to make their actors dream true. There is a unique opportunity to spend a productive summer in LA. Marymount College provides three weeks program every summer to work on your actor talent all together with competent local actors-teachers. You will train as a part of the international group to improve your diction, articulation, improvisation, character development. The program consists of everyday training, excursion to the Universal Studios, local theaters. You can also improve your English by taking English lessons. The program ends with the final performance and you’ll get DVD with the record of it.

Film Academy, New York

This American university offers a wide range of educational programs that are developed according to the highest cinema making standards. You can train yourself in actor’s art, photography, producing, stage management, stage arts, script writing, 3D animation, visual effects and others.

USC School of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles

Passion, strict and perfect – these are three words to give characteristic to LA actor’s art education. Страсть. Строгость. Совершенство. You have a chance to learn all the newest tendencies and characteristics that every actor needs. You can meet the work specific of modern actors, writers, designers. The graduates leave the school with the great experience and inspiration to be a part of the modern art and drama. USC is situated in the University park not far from LA center.

Meet TOP 25 high rated American institutions that boast the high quality actor’s art training. Among them you can see the names of A.R.T. at Harvard, American Conservatory Theater, DePaul, University of Washington, UC Irvine, Brown, Boston University, University of North Carolina, University of Wisconsin, Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University and others.

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Price for Education in America

Definitely, it takes much money to get education in the prestigious film institution in America. Thus, you should pay about 30 000 dollars per year in the Yale School of Drama. Of course, additionally you should spend about 20 000 dollars per year for books, accommodation, food. Nevertheless, the most of American institutions are ready to pay half for the most talented students. Yale School of Drama grants is about 35 500 dollars per year. As a rule, you grant depends on your success, portfolio, video materials, as a result of your work.

Pace University is closely connected with the Kevin Spacey’s Fund that gives grants for actors. The grant can be about 10 000 dollars per year. This is the fourth part of the general sum for education in the Actors Studio Drama School. Only 7 prominent students, who are good in actor’s art, theater, musical theater, stage manager, cinema making spheres can take the grant. Another popular institution is Ball State University. It offset to all young and gifted to compete for one of ten president’s grants. The size of it is about 12 000 dollars per year.

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The actor’s art in the USA is a good start for talented and competitive student. The graduates from American art institutions often take the highest prizes for cinema and theater roles. If you want to get education in America Film Academy or any other art school, you should take a competent consultation first. It is important to learn about all opportunities that the institution offers and consider all pros and cons to pay for education there. There must be always a way out!