Most people across the globe believe that individuals and companies that engage in commercial real estate activities do so with the objective of earning lucrative profits only. However, in this market many prominent corporate enterprises like Walfont Group deal in commercial real estate properties but have earned a reputation of being professionals when it comes to disposing of outdated and under-utilized commercial assets for charity. The experts of this corporate enterprise careful scrutinize the real estate assets that other companies want sell for the best price to a charitable institution the same for the betterment of society.

Joe Johnson Welfont is a professional and a name to reckon with this segment of the real estate market that deals with acquiring commercial real estate assets, which businesses feel cost more to maintain than the benefits that accrue for it, for philanthropy.  He has connections with The Mercy Foundation, which is a non-profit charitable organization that endeavors to change the lives of disadvantaged people around the globe. This organization gives micro-finance loans to unfortunate sections of society so they can make positive change in their lives by engaging in any trade or profession in order to enhance their standard of living.

The members for the Mercy Foundation is doing a commendable job around the world by assisting poor people earn a decent livelihood and in the process become self-sufficient. They are providing financial assistance in the form of micro loans to these people can take their agriculture occupations to the next level. This foundation, unlike many other charitable organizations, does not depend on donations from the public and is financially self-sustaining. The members of this organization further advocate that many people around the world have a burning desire to move ahead if they have the opportunity to do so despite being in poverty for no fault of their own.

Many people are unaware of the idea of micro-finance and how it can be a catalyst in alleviating poverty around the world. The team of this foundation takes it upon themselves to educate in addition to spread awareness among disadvantaged sections of society of how this form of finance can help overcome present situation in a simple way despite certain technicalities. In this endeavor, they leave no stone unturned in assisting them break of their vicious circle of penury from the beginning to the end.

The dedication and commitment of the team at Mercy Foundation set them in a different pedestal and they believe that their work will inspire others to follow their footsteps in helping the poor. Their efforts have been instrumental in enhancing the lives of thousands of people around the world with their loans. Joe  Johnson  Welfont, who leads this team, also provides corporate enterprises and other individuals with the latest information of how their efforts are making a positive difference in the lives of those living in poverty. He also says that the efforts of this foundation also give these people an incentive to change their circumstances and live a life of dignity.