A Variety of Options In Unplanned Pregnancy

Many pregnancies are often unplanned, which can be difficult to accept for a mother who may not be prepared to have a baby. Although it can often be devastating to find out that you’re pregnant, there are other alternatives instead of getting an abortion. When you want other options, there are a few other choices to consider that can benefit your new baby.


Adoption can often be difficult for mothers but will prove to be rewarding due to the high quality of life that it offers to children. Instead of struggling to provide for the child financially or emotionally, a loving family can adopt the baby and welcome them into their home to raise them in a stable environment.

Different types of adoptions are available, which includes open, semi-open, and closed. Open and semi-open adoptions can allow you to continue seeing the child and maintaining a relationship.

Temporary Foster Care

Temporary foster care is an option if you need time to find a job or obtain more stability but still want to parent your child in the future. Many foster care agencies provide parenting classes that can equip you for the process and can also provide you with different government resources.

Giving the Child to a Parent or Family Member

In some cases, you can consider giving your child over to a family member or a parent who can care for the child. Asking someone that you trust to take the baby into their home and become their legal guardian can allow you to freely see the child whenever you prefer until you can get on your own two feet.

Single Parenting

Although it can be difficult to consider parenting a child on your own, you can attempt to raise the baby in the comfort of your home and make each decision without the influence of a second party. You can have complete control over how you raise the child and can enjoy special moments and a bond that you’ll share with your little one. Single parenting can be challenging but will prove to be rewarding.

Having an unplanned pregnancy can be challenging and can make it difficult to decide what is best for both you and your child. When you want to give your child the life that they deserve, there are a variety of options to choose from when it’s time to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

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