The health benefits of keeping the body hydrated and drinking plenty of water are well publicised. As an employer, you might find that providing a water cooler for your employees is a nice gesture towards their well-being and might improve their productivity, too. Besides, we’ve all heard stories around a water cooler somewhere.


If space is at a premium in your work place, try a tabletop water cooler so that people can enjoy refreshing spring water whenever they want. Designs are really stepping up now, and there are plenty attractive, stylish, yet still compact units on the market that incorporate all the features you could expect from a much larger unit, such as hot and cold water, silent running and a variable thermostat.


A water cooler is a realistic option for even the smallest business operating on a limited budget. Whether you choose mains-fed or bottle-fed, they can be very cost-effective over a period of time and serve as a visual reminder to employees to fill up their glass.

Easy to Maintain

A water cooler in the office is easy to install and easy to use. Companies that sell and install water coolers will be able to offer advice on maintenance – which is minimal – following professional installation. A bottle-fed system will need to have a new bottle installed every now and then, and there will be periodic sanitisation required, but beyond that there is little standing between you and delicious drinking water, perfectly chilled, at any time of the day.


A tabletop water cooler can be a great option in large meeting rooms, a boardroom or conference facilities because it takes up less space but means your guests and visitors have a supply of chilled fresh water, which is not as wasteful as jugs of water that stand out all day or are poured away unused.

Environmentally Responsible

Anything that can be done to reduce the number of small plastic bottles that are thrown away every day can only be a good thing. Offering your staff ready access to chilled water will reduce the need to continually buy bottled water on the way to work. Even if they repeatedly fill a single plastic bottle, the waste is greatly reduced. Bottle-fed systems use much larger plastic bottles that use far less plastic than the hand-held bottles required to hold the same water, and they are easily recyclable. A water cooler is a very visible start to showing your company’s green credentials and its concern for the environment and employees.

And perhaps best of all, there are plenty of designs available on the market now that come with customisable options, so you can create your own water cooler. That’s great for very brand-conscious businesses or those wanting to promote a message to their customers. Of course, that option does depend on models available and the look you’re going for, but it really is worth investigating.