A good number of people from Asia and Europe specifically seek their professional career in Turkey. Turkey is a great country that is growing at a very fast pace. It is a place open for expatriates to come and contribute to the economy of the country. People normally look for big metropolitan cities in Turkey such as Istanbul and Ankara. There are huge professional job opportunities in these cities which are regularly advertised on the web and print media. It is always advised to move to Turkey making sure you have a job letter in hand. For this matter, you can visit several job websites and from there you can make your application for your preferred job. Interviews are arranged usually over the phone or video conferencing call. The following are some of the professional job types which have great prospects in Turkey:

· IT jobs

· Engineering jobs including mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer etc.

· Medical jobs

· Business Analyst

· Customer Service

· Teaching

· Maintenance

· Quality Assurance

· Surveyor

A Step Guide To Build Your Career In Turkey

Steps to Build your Career in Turkey:

Building your career in a different country can be a daunting task but it can become easy if you plan well and start your career in a very systematic way. Motivation is the main thing and you should feel excited about your job. Things become easier if your partner or spouse is accompanying you. Therefore, you will not feel homesick and would concentrate fully on your career. Turkey has all types of weather and getting acclimatized is also a very important thing which can affect your professional career. The following are the pivotal steps which will ensure a smooth career for you in Turkey:

· Be organized – Try to arrive a couple of weeks earlier when you get your job letter in your country. This time will help you to get acclimatized and also remove all your stress you have about a new place and a new job. Make sure that you should be mentally fully prepared before you join the job.

· Know what is available to you – Most of the Turkish companies gives a lot of benefits to their employees. There have been instances where a lot of new foreign employees were not fully aware of the benefits that they are having or sometimes they don’t know how to utilize them. For example, many Turkish companies pay their employees for their house hunting trips, transportation, medical, and assist you in renting or buying a property in Turkey.

· Ask for relocation services, if you are not given – The corporate environment in Turkey is very friendly. If your company hasn’t offered you any relocation services, then you can ask for it from your employer.

· Calculating your expenses – You should know about your cost of living in Turkey so that you can utilize your salary very well. After getting your Turkey visa, the next thing you should do is to calculate your cost of living in Turkey. It will help you a great deal in managing your expenses and also making some savings if possible.