Are you planning on going away to New York for a few weeks, and are not sure where to start in your exploration of the amazing concrete jungle? Well then, this is a short guide for you.

New York City is a very large place, and so it is natural for people to be overwhelmed by the options. This shouldn’t be the case, as with the right direction, you will never run out of things to do as you enjoy yourself through the stay.

Go on Guided Cruise Tours

Guided cruise tours are the best way to start your stay in New York.   They will offer you an informed overview of the city.  The length of the tour may be 30 minutes or 3 hours depending on the choice you go with. The tours are diverse and well organised, and so can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

A Starting Guide For Your New York Travel Itinerary

Visit Central Park

In Central Park, you get to enjoy a serene and beautiful atmosphere that has offered respite to New York residents and tourists for over 150 years.  In the park, you can just take a walk, embark on a boat ride or simply enjoy a picnic or a bagel. Once there, it will be easy to see why the park is so popular. Don’t go out in the park at night though, as it can be dangerous.

Visit the Top of the Rock

Granted, it isn’t as popular as the deck at the Empire State Building, but it is still a must-see.   The lesser popularity and timed ticketing also mean you won’t have to deal with the crowds and long waits that are common when at the Empire State Building. The observation deck will offer you the beautiful views of Central Park and, yes, the Empire State Building.

Visit the New York Public Library

The library has a very impressive collection of books and even if you are not an avid reader, you will still enjoy time spent in this architectural masterpiece. It is one of the largest marble buildings in the country. The free guided tour is there to ensure you don’t miss out on any interesting parts of this magnificent edifice.

Go on a Bike Tour

Bike tours are the perfect way to see deeper into New York and what it has to offer. It is the perfect activity for people looking to break free from the usual tourist activities in the city. There are many bike tours, but, the Big Apple bike tour is one of the most popular.

There is tonnes more to do in New York, but the above will be a good start to your tinier.

As you plan your journey, however, do not forget to get yourself an ESTA. You don’t need a visa to go to the US but you still have to notify the authorities that you are coming over. If you don’t have this, you will be turned back by immigration.

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