Project Management Professional (briefly known as PMP) is one of the most coveted professional certifications in order to stand out among other professionals. This professional certification can prepare you for a higher prospect with a better salary. Known as an industry-recognized credential, this certification represents the education, experience, competence & skill to lead projects. As a matter of fact, PMPs are indispensable for every industry. The demand for this certification is increasing in different industries. The need for project managers is huge. The business certification helps the managers to develop skills in managing all aspects of managing budgets, track costs & other constraints such as scope, time & cost. The certification standards for PMP are known as rigorous along with its comprehensive exam. People who are interested in this business certification must possess the required skills & necessary education in order to succeed.

Are You Eligible?

Before taking the steps towards professional certification, you have to find out if you’re eligible for it. Generally, as a candidate, you need to fulfill two requirements before taking the exam. The requirements are: project management experience & project management education. This means you must have completed 35 hours of project management education along with 7,500 hours leading projects. In case, if you’re having a bachelor’s degree, you must have 4,500 hours along with 35 hours of project management education. Once you have fulfilled the requirements for the business certification, you can now register & appear for the exam. The cost of the exam starts from $400-550 approximately. The exam for professional certification is being conducted for four hours with 200 multiple choice questions. The score is received just after the completion of the exam. Getting the respected & distinguished business certification can boost your salary. It’s one of the most popular skills which will help in complementing an individual’s technical skills & increasing value. This immensely popular business certification has become a valuable credential for most of the IT professionals.

While this professional certification is intensive & difficult to achieve, the rewards are exciting and significant for a candidate who wants to have an edge over others. According to a survey, certified project managers earn an average of 20% more than other uncertified managers. In the exciting field of project management, the professional certification is valued by the organizations. The demand for the PMI certified professionals remains strong. Completion of the professional certification can give a candidate a strong global recognition anywhere. They stand out from those without a PMP certification.