Having a dog is a big responsibility. Dogs require food, attention, water, exercise, love and medical care. In return, they give us their devotion and protect us. Since the dawn of mankind, it has been a symbiotic relationship. But is a dog the right pet for you?

The decision to have a dog as a pet is a significant one. As with any life style modification, you should give a lot of thought to whether a dog is right for you. Radha Singh who has a dog, firmly believes that before bringing your new pet home, there are things you should consider.

  • Cost

The cost of your new dog is not the only expenditure you will incur. Food, licenses, leash and collar, and toys are all stuffs you will pay for all through your dog’s lifetime. There are also veterinary costs connected with having a dog. Spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and heartworm testing are some of the basic health costs you will have to pay to keep your new friend fit. One way to help cut costs is to start a savings account for your dog’s medicinal care. Keeping aside a little every month will help cover the medical expenses your pet might experience.

Dogs need exercise and attention to be happy. Play time, daily walks and grooming are some of the things your dog requires to be healthy. Inactive dogs have a diminutive life span on average than active ones. They also need to spend time with their humans, so if you are somebody who voyages often do not get a dog.

  • Housing Situation

Before you buy a dog, take the kind of place you live into consideration. If you live in an apartment, do not purchase a barking breed of dog or a large dog. Before bringing home a dog, ask your landlord. Some apartments do not permit pets and most necessitate a cleaning deposit before one can be taken into their building.

Possessing your own home will grant you more liberty regarding the kind of dog you want. You will want to be certain to pick a dog small enough for your courtyard. If you have a tiny backyard, do not get a Great Dane. It would prejudicial to the animal. Also keep in mind that if you have kids, you want to pick a breed that will be comfortable around them.

  • The Future

Dogs are a lifetime obligation. The average life span of a dog is 10 – 12 years though some breeds can live lengthier. Contemplate about where you will be in 10 years. Do your ideas allow for having a dog? Dogging a career that would include a lot of relocation or travel numerous times would be disruptive to a dog. It would be bigoted to a dog and you to get one when you know your lifestyle is going to modify dramatically.

According Radha Singh, dogs are a lifetime commitment, not only their lifespan, but yours as well. Before you adopt, by taking your present and future situations into considerations, you can make the correct decision before you bring your new friend home for good.