All of us take our plumbing for granted every day. It is there for us to shower, brush our teeth, wash dishes, and for a multitude of other uses. Plumbing also carries waste water and sewage out of the home. Since plumbing is out of sight, the only way to know when a problem develops is to know the signs to look for. Calling a plumber at the first sign of trouble can cost you a lot less in repair bills and damaged pipes and the areas of your home that they damage.

Sometimes people put off calling a plumber because they don’t think a problem is serious or it isn’t a convenient time. Plumb Perfect Plumbing explains that waterline bursts and broken pipes don’t try to happen when it’s convenient for you. Their 24/7 emergency plumbing services make it possible to evaluate and solve the problem as quickly as possible and, hopefully, before serious damage occurs.

Listed below are some plumbing problems that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • A Dripping Faucet A dripping faucet can be really annoying but the problem can go a lot farther than that. While you are only losing a few drips at a time, the amount of unused water going down your drain can easily add up to thousands of gallons a year! A dripping faucet could also be a sign that there is another problem with the plumbing that is causing water to leak out of the faucet.

  • Bathtubs or Sinks Won’t Drain By the time a clog gets large enough that water is no longer draining out, household chemicals available to unclog drains are not likely to be effective. Call a plumber as soon as the drainage gets sluggish and prevent full clogs and potential damage to your pipes.

  • A Clogged ToiletIf you have tried the plunger and gotten no results, the problem could go much deeper than you think. Sewage lines may be clogged and putting your pipes at risk of cracking or bursting. A plumber has the professional tools and the knowledge to get rid of sewage line cracks that a plunger can’t handle.

  • Frozen Pipes A lot of times when pipes freeze, home owners have turned down the furnace while they are away or when a house is left empty waiting for the next resident to move in. In this case, taking precautions before leaving the house unattended is the only way to prevent a disaster. If you are in the home and realize the pipes have frozen when water is no longer running or draining out, call a plumber instead of trying to thaw them out on your own. Otherwise, you could end up with a burst pipe that floods your home and ruins a lot more than the water works.

  • Inconsistent Water Pressure – When the flow of water varies in just one room or throughout the house, it may be a sign that something is wrong in the water supply line.

Any time you recognize any of these signs, call a plumber instead of letting the problem grow or attempting to repair on your own. The root cause may be much deeper than you imagined.