Upgrading your bathroom need not be a time-consuming, difficult endeavour. If you’re tired of seeing those old tiles and that grimy flooring or you don’t want to waste another second being in the gloomy confines of a dim bathroom, there are some simple bathroom upgrades you can take advantage of. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of the best – and easiest – bathroom upgrades you can do for a whole new look.

Glorify that wall

If you don’t want to go through all the effort of painting all the walls in your bathroom, you can go for the simple solution: fix just one wall instead. Rather than painting the entire room, what you can do is just make some bold modifications on one wall. Paint one wall a bright red or blue. Or, you can also use wallpaper (if you aren’t confident about your choice, you can always use the temporary kind). You can even create a collage on one wall with pictures of family and friends, places you’ve visited, things you like, etc.

Old tiles? No problem!

Old tiles are one of the worst things any bathroom can have. But if you don’t have the time nor the budget to replace those old tiles, you can do the next best thing: place a rug on it. Make the rug as big and bold as you want it – it can cover the entire floor, if you want. The point is to make your bathroom’s flooring look more attractive and appealing, and a new rug always does the trick.

Do away with those fixtures

One tested and proven way to give your bathroom a new look is to change those old fixtures – that water-spotted tap, that ugly and outdated showerhead.  Changing the fixtures can give your bathroom a whole new look and feel with hardly any effort. But if you can’t change those fixtures, you can simply give them a buff and a shine. You’d be amazed at how different your bathroom will look with either new or newly-shined fixtures.

Change that cubicle

You may think that changing your shower cubicle may be a difficult task – after all, you’re changing a major element of your bathroom. But this need not be the case. Today, you don’t have to mess up the entire flooring or walls of your bathroom just to put in a new shower stall. Instead, you can purchase a pre-built shower cubicle that’s easy to install which can, as a bonus, have some great features that you’ve always been looking for, such as aromatherapy elements, a rain showerhead, built-in radio, touch controls, and more. You can even go for ready-made steam shower cubicles that can really transform your shower experience in no time.