It’s not the worst thing in the world, but sometimes people wearing the gym gear out of the gym can look a little bit too casual. There are a few rules to follow so you don’t look like you couldn’t be bothered getting ready in the morning, here’s a look at some tips for pulling off gymwear daily.


Sadly, regular fit joggers in a fleece material can usually look baggy and doesn’t help the look, buying a slim fitted pair shows more intention to your look. Usually darker colours are best, as joggers aren’t the main attraction, they’re used to define both trainers and the top you’re wearing. If you do find a pair with a print on them, whether it’s a camo design or something more technical for the gym, matching them up with plain tops and trainers is the best idea so the look isn’t too overbearing.


Unless you have just been to the gym, picking out some lifestyle trainers rather than running shoes helps show off the intentional style. Running and athletic trainers are built differently, their sole intention is support and comfort during a run, whereas lifestyle trainers usually look better and are designed to highlight your feet.


Though neon colours are common in the gym and for general exercise, they don’t work for the athleisure style. Tops are all about personal preference, heavy branding or plain work well for the style, matching up your fitness clothing is great for making the style look intentional. A lot of mens gymwear brands are offering longline t-shirts currently, they seem to be more of a fashion garment rather than fitness related. With longline tops, they work well on their own or underneath a dark tracksuit to offer a block colour effect, you’ll be able to see the t-shirt under a muscle fit hoody or jumper and it offers a block divide between the hoody and joggers.

Mix Function with Fashion

Gym gear is meant to look functional and ready for heavy use, picking out joggers and a muscle fit hoodie that looks both fashionable and ready for a workout really helps the style work. It’s also key to know the occasion you’re wearing it for, shopping, going for a coffee or seeing a movie are all acceptable and it’s not a Standish look. However, trying to brave gymwear for an evening meal usually doesn’t work too well.

Naturally, picking the premium gymwear brands helps tailor the style for most occasions and the gym. If you are unsure, clothing brands tend to fashion together outfits for you to incorporate into your own style so that’s the easy option if you’re still unsure about a few things!