Are you obsessed with the problem of when to take the GRE exam? This is because there are tons of options while picking the best GRE test dates and there are several options for test centres. There are also options for timing of tests.

With all these, you might feel that you are spending more time attempting to get a test date instead of preparing for the test. You could be wasting time instead of availing of GRE live training.

When is GRE Offered

This is the first question you must ask while selecting your GRE dates. Good news is the GRE exam schedule is pretty wide open. In case you are taking the computer-based GRE, select your own test date excluding holidays and Sundays.

What this implies is that as a test taker, you need to be really careful. There is a great benefit for selecting the right date, so don’t waste this opportunity.

Firstly, take note that though dates may be technically available, they may not be so in real. Most medium-sized cities typically have one centre; big cities may have more but you may face much competition for test dates and centres. Secondly, though there many options for test dates, the actual date you try for and get must cater to your personal needs.

There are two options: Paper-based test or Computer based test. Paper-based tests are typically used in places where computers are not easily available. For these, it is vital to choose a date and register ASAP.

For paper-based tests, only three dates are possible: October, November, and February. These are thus much fewer than flexible computer-based tests.

Paper-based tests are to be held on October 6 (2018), November 10 (2018) and February 2 (2019) in the USA and Puerto Rico. This year, in all other locations, the dates are the same. But dates and deadlines for registration differ.

Popular Time Period

The most popular time to take the GRE is late summer and fall. This is because most graduate programs face application deadlines nearing the end of the year.

 For those trying for graduate programs at the end of 2018, they need to book their slot as soon as they desire to take the test. Seats of GRE test centres fill up quickly as the deadlines for application draw near.

Another point to note is that afternoon test slots get filled up quickly. This makes sense-as most candidates are likely to be ‘night owls’ rather than ‘morning people’.

When to Take the GRE

It is mostly up to you. But here are some pointers:

  • Application deadlines: The big question is- when are graduate school applications due? This varies greatly between programs. For fall 2018 deadlines, take the GRE as soon as possible and give yourself at least a month to prepare. Register for a test date which is at least two weeks prior to the deadline of the program. For spring 2019 deadline, a good date would be to take GRE towards the end of 2018. This provides enough time for preparation. In fall 2019, you have a wide range of options. You can maximize your preparation time but you must leave a cushion period for training like getting the help of GRE live tutor.
  • Other factors: consider following issues-how does your personal life fit in with preparation schedule? If you need to take a retest date-will you have scores ready for application deadlines?

Have you begun preparing? Are you happy with the progress of preparation?

These are all some facts for applying for GRE test date.