Is your wedding round the corner and you have no idea how to find a suitable wedding photographer? Well, sit back and relax. We got your back.

Memories are made of photos, epic photos that vividly capture the moments. After all, what is the use of spending all that money on a good venue, great outfits and inviting your dear ones if you will never want to look at the photos thereafter?

That’s why you need a professional photographer. A reliable, well qualified photographer, with the necessary equipment who will not let you down on your wedding day.

In an era where everyone with a digital camera claims to be a photographer, that can be uphill task. To help you narrow down to the best, here are a few tips.

Steps to finding an excellent Wedding Photographer.

1. Work with referrals.

In your search, your first option ought to be referrals. Ask your friends and relatives if they know a pro wedding photographer.

The good thing about working with referrals is that they have been tried and tested since no one refers a person whose service they were not satisfied with.

That said, don’t let down your guards. Ascertain qualifications before hiring any photographer referred to you.

2. Search Online.

When no referral is forthcoming, you may want to move to the online space. Every good photographer has an online presence.

A simple search on any of the search engines will give you the websites of wedding photographers in your region. And a good number of them, that you will have to sift through.

There are a few ways you can sift through and narrow down to a few prospects. Foremost, check the customer reviews. The feedback of couples who have used the photographer before could help you assess the quality of their work. If the site is full of complaints, run for your life.

Another thing. Do not be slain by the good looks of the website that you forget to catch the critical details. Looks can be faked.

Apart from reviews, check the prices. Before you proceed any further you must be sure you can afford the services of a given photographer. Nevertheless, you should not set your photography budget so low. More often than not, quality is expensive.

Consider availability too. Eliminate those who are booked on your wedding date.

After you have settled on a few take it a step further.

3. Selecting the right one.

Seek an appointment with those wedding photographers you’ve settled on. A face to face meeting will help clarify issues you couldn’t over the phone or over the mail.

Among others, confirm these details.

One, check their experience. With the prerequisite experience quality is guaranteed. Seek to know how long they have been in photography, and specifically wedding photography. Also seek to know the number of weddings they have shot for in the past few months.

Even without asking, a good photographer will give you albums of their recent work. This should help you gauge quality.

In addition, ask who will handle the photoshoot on that particular day. You don’t a stranger behind the camera. Talking of cameras, cameras like to misbehave when you need them most, so confirm their backup equipment capacity.

You also want to confirm what package your price comes with. If the package is not pleasant you may want to adjust accordingly.

If you are particular about outfit, you need to discuss how the photographer should be dressed on that day.

Do this with the different photographers until you settle on one who gives the most satisfactory answers. Don’t forget to sign a contract. Verbal agreements are good but not as binding as written agreements.

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