There are auto repair shops opening around every corner in most urban neighborhoods. Your customers can always choose to go down the road and sample what the competition has to offer. How do you avoid that? It is not always enough to provide good service. You have to ensure that you give your customers an exceptional experience.

There are ways that a customer service representative can help you deliver on customer satisfaction. There are several ways you can take advantage of the CSR to push your business to new heights. Here are some of them.

A Guide On How To Start Auto Repair Shop and Customer Service Tips

Undivided Attention

If you are running a garage, you probably have a lot on your hands already. There are cars that need fixing, there are emails that you need to respond to, and some of your employees need your attention. With all these things happening, sometimes simultaneously, it is difficult to give your customers the kind of attention they need.

A customer service representative at your repair shop can help you avoid the risk of losing customers due to poor service. You will be free to focus on other core aspects of the business as the customer service representative welcomes them and explain to them why they made the right choice to choose your repair shop. Your interaction with customers will be minimized to what is absolutely necessary and you won’t have to juggle other aspects of your business with it.

Make Customers Feel Special

Making your customers feel special is the very essence of customer service. They need to feel that you pay particular attention to their needs. This is mainly what will get them to come back again. There are ways you can ensure that customers drive out of the repair shop feeling good and feeling appreciated.

There are ways your Customer Service Representatives can make your customers feel appreciated. They can be given the task of greeting walk in customers, ask them questions and answer their inquiries on especially on the process of getting their cars fixed. This way, you can avoid making your customers feeling lost and unattended when they walk into the repair shop.

Dedicated CSR staff should make an effort to personalize interactions with staff. They should address return customers by name whenever possible. They can also act as the medium through which the business taps into customers emotions to understand their needs and improve the business in the near future.

Help Retain Customers

Since the dedicated CSR staff you have already gotten acquainted on a personal level with your customers, they can be used to retain them. When new services are introduced or there are new offers, your CSR should be the ones to contact customers whether through email or whatever other means the company deems appropriate. The only rule here is to ensure that the news you are sending out is relevant to the recipient. For example, your customers who would otherwise have forgotten will appreciate service appointment reminders.

Tap Into Customer Loyalty

Testimonials can help attract new customers. This form of social proof could be the last thing an undecided customer is looking for before making the final decision to choose your auto shop. How do you get testimonials from your loyal customers? Your customer service representatives should talk to your customers in order to find out what your customers think of your business. Your CSR should be in a position to know when and who to talk to. You can then display testimonials with pictures prominently in your auto shop.

Hiring a customer service representative is seen as an extra expense, but if done right can help grow your business and give you peace of mind.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best auto repair in Columbia MO.