It requires a lot of faith and trust to place you in the hands of someone else for treatment.

Below offered are some tips on how to find an efficient dermatologist.

Is the Doctor Appropriate? 

  • A good dermatologist has a minimum of 3 years post qualification experience in treating issues related to skin, nail and hair.
  • Besides, a skin specialist must also have undergone training and has experience in performing various kinds of surgeries and procedures of the skin.

Does the Doctor have a Qualification in Dermatology?  

  • You will be shocked to know that many centres all over the country are commissioned by doctors, who do not have absolutely any medical training in skin treatment and still try to cash in on these services.
  • In some states, the prospective dermatologist needs to complete dermatology training and then appear for a board examination.
  • Subsequent to undergoing the training and only after passing the exam, will a doctor become a certified dermatologist.

How to find the Best Dermatologist

  • Has the specialist been in practice for more than five years?
  • This is a relevant question, since many skin clinics and mini-spas fail and close within the first 3 to 5 years.
  • If the doctor and laser centre have been in business for more than 5 years, then chances are that they are efficient and honest.
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Do they Advertise? 

  • Doctors who are competent and doing business for some time are fully occupied.
  • Good doctors need not advertise as they have patients and referrals come from their patients and other doctors.
  • Conversely, doctors advertise only when they do not have sufficient business.

How does it Work?

  • A qualified dermatologist, who is laser trained and experienced delegates lasers to mid level contributors, who are directly trained and overseen by the doctor himself.
  • They are adept enough to operate lasers and tackle complexities jointly with a physician.

Avoid Buying Anything at the Consultant

  • Ethically managed laser centres never try to force sell you or make you commit your money.
  • Let not the before and after the treatment photographs persuade you.
  • You need to be careful as the same can be digitally modified.

Check with your Friends who have Consulted

  • Enquire specifically whether they were satisfied with the services of the skin doctor and his staff.
  • If one of your friends has been consulting that doctor for many years and has many visits, then this information has to be compared with someone who has seen the doctor only once or twice.
  • It is possible that your friend may not be comfortable with discussing cosmetic issues and procedures.
  • The best recommendations for a cosmetic dermatologist come from their patients look and/or expression.
  • Do their skin quality and look confirm to be getting better gradually?
  • Are injections like Botox and Restylane administered with a light and gentle hand?

You will agree that there is a distinction between a deft dermatologist and an average one. The former produces good results.