If you love nice jewelry, you know very well that there is never enough of your jewelry. When you come across a trendy piece, you feel that you have to add it to your collection. This trait is common to all jewelry lovers. However, with time, collecting a lot of jewelry can create a problem in storage. If you have collected an amazing array of jewelry items over the years, you will also appreciate the importance of proper storage both for safety, and as a way to care for and maintaining them.

For instance, if you have a collection of unique diamond rings, you would need to organize your wardrobe carefully to store the pieces away from prying eyes and to protect them from physical damage such as scratches. The wardrobe is without doubt the most convenient place to store your precious pieces. However, for easy access and safety, you have to organize your jewelry neatly. This allows you to maximize the use of available storage space, and helps you ensure that your expensive jewelry remains safe. In this article, you will find helpful tips to organize jewelry in your wardrobe.

1. Sort Your Jewelry

One of the main reasons for having a hard time storing your jewelry in your wardrobe would be that you have not sorted the pieces. It is important to identify the type of jewelry you have, in terms of use and material. This will help you find suitable storage solutions.

They say you can only manage what you know and when it comes to storing jewelry, you have to assess the type of pieces you own to find the best storage plan. For instance, it is advisable to store diamond jewelry together as this will prevent any scratches. If you have precious gems, you have to store them away from metallic items that could scratch or dent them.

Similar jewelry should stay in one section of your storage box to avoid physical damage and to make it easier to access them. Your earrings should go into one area of your planned jewelry storage section to make things easier while dressing. This also applies to necklaces, rings and other items. You will always have an easy time when dressing when you know where to find each item.

2. Clean, Repair and Restore Your Jewelry

When sorting your jewelry for storage, you have a nice opportunity to inspect each piece and identify any damage or deterioration. Some of your jewelry can go for months without use. This can cause tarnishing, fading and other forms of deterioration. It is important to identify any damaged pieces and get them repaired before storing them away. Some broken pieces can cause damage to other delicate items in your wardrobe.

3. Use a Custom Wardrobe Closet

The wardrobe remains one of the best solutions for storing precious jewelry. If you want to keep your pieces safe while having easy access to them while dressing, you can customize the drawer of your closet. This helps you to organize your jewelry based on use and materials.

You can organize the closet into compartments with separate spaces to hold each different piece. If you have multiple drawers, you can separate jewelry into separate drawers to prevent stress when dressing. Compared to other jewelry storage options, drawers do not take a lot of space. You only pull open a drawer when you need to find an item, and once done you can push it back into position flush with the wardrobe.

4. Get Creative With Your Jewelry Storage Ideas

When most people think about jewelry storage, the first thing that comes to mind is a jewelry box. Now that you have decided to use your wardrobe as a storage solution for your precious pieces, you can become more creative.

Not all your jewelry has to go into the drawers. If you have space on the walls of your wardrobe, you can create DIY storage solutions to hang necklaces and other pieces that would otherwise tangle when stored inside a box. There are many creative DIY storage ideas that you can use for storing jewelry inside and on the walls of your wardrobe.

For instance, you can you can hang precious necklaces on the doorknobs of your wardrobe safely, or you could also add knobs and hooks to the inside of your wardrobe and hang many other pieces there. These creative storage solutions allow easy access to your jewelry any time you need them. What’s more, you can maximize the limited available space in your wardrobe.

Hangers are another popular choice for storing jewelry inside or on the walls of a wardrobe. You will make your necklaces easily accessible while at the same time protecting them from entangling when stored in a jewelry box.

5. Other Considerations When Storing Jewelry in Wardrobe

Irrespective of the idea you choose to use for storing your jewelry in a wardrobe, it is important to sort your jewelry based on use and type. Consider the following:

  1. Safety: If you choose to use a jewelry box, make sure delicate pieces go together.
  2. The frequency of use: For jewelry that you wear every day, opt for a storage solution that allows easy access.
  3. Use a beautiful jewelry box: If you choose to use a jewelry box, it has to be a magnificent one. It should add colour and glamour to your wardrobe or dresser.
  4. Separate storage: Diamonds should go into one box or section of the drawer while pieces that are sensitive, like pearls that can scratch easily, should go into a velvet-lined jewelry box. Wrap precious and semi-precious stones separately using a soft cloth.
  5. Protect against moisture: Gold and silver can tarnish when exposure to the elements. As such, you should find a dry and breathable box. Use Silica gel, white chalk or charcoal to protect gold and silver pieces from damage due to exposure to moisture.

Are you wondering how to store your unique diamond rings in a wardrobe safely? You can use these ideas to ensure that your precious pieces are safe and easily accessible any time you need them.