My mother is an art aficionado and she simply loves to buy art, especially buy it online. You must be thinking why I am telling you all this. Well, a few weeks ago my mother and I were talking about her collection of Thomas Kinkade’s print. To prove her affinity, she pulled out a drawer and took out an old calendar with 12 scenes of Kinkade’s work. She then turned through the pristine pages to one of her favorite pages, a scenic view which by the way also adorns her wall. I took a look at the calendar and then at the other copy on the wall and I was instantly furious. The print on her wall had obviously faded with the telltale signs of the print that it has been reproduced with the same process that the calendar had been printed. The print had faded in intensity and had started to look bluer that it did when it was first printed. It was an indicator of a cheap mass-produced print. As I have already mentioned that my mother loves to buyart online, she had purchased this so-called fine art that was supposed to be of the quality of the calendar that I was holding in my hand over the internet. She had been duped by and unscrupulous gallery. Having been through this tragic situation, I completely understand what it feels to be an owner of a cheap art. That is why I thought of coming up an article all about tips about how to buy prints so that other art collectors who love to buy art will not find them in the same situation as me and my mother. So, when you buy art print or canvas print online you need to look out for the following:

Eliminate the Middleman: Purchase your canvas print directly from the person who owns the printer and will do the actual printing.

Top quality material: Before buying, verify that only the best materials are used to create your canvas print. You should ensure that the person uses top quality canvas, original UV pigment based inks, and top quality burnished which can protect canvas print from harmful UV-rays.

Professional stretching: Have your canvas stretched by professionals.

Safe Delivery: Make sure that your canvas print will be properly packed using a bubble wrap for protection in a strong box.

Satisfaction Guarantee:Regardless of the fact whether you are buying an art print or an original painting, always buyart from a reputable online art gallery or art selling platform that provides you with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Care: Always purchase from a platform which provides you with responsive customer care.

Other than these tips, it is also important to know a little about art prints for a little knowledge can help you make a sound and confident decision. Today there are numerous ways to produce art prints. The process of printing art prints using an offset printing is the cheapest and easiest of all. Generally, this process is used to print calendars, publications and short term displaying items, which are not meant to be investments in art. Such displaying items and art prints should never be offered by an art selling platform as fine art prints. One of the easiest ways to check whether the print is created with the offset print process is to look for dots on the page with a magnifying glass. There is a form of art prints that are created with the offset print process and they are called lithographs. Archival inks are used in the printing of lithographs. The quality of the ink is the first thing that you should look while buying art prints. The archival inks are much more expensive than the typical offset inks because they are designed to last a very long time without fading.

The other way museum quality fine art prints are created is through the giclee process, which is basically an inkjet printing process.

One more thing that any art lover or collector should be concerned about when he plans to buy art paintings online of prints is the longevity of the prints. Nothing in this world could be as tragic as seeing an art fade and fail to feed your soul because someone wanted to make quick money with a cheap print. If you keep these pointers in mind while buying art prints, we are sure that your prints will remain colorful and durable for hundreds of years for you to enjoy them.