Do underwater sports attract you? Then you must grab this chance of turning your passion into a career. If you are out of school and still wondering how can you excel in your career then you must join the Divers Academy International where you can learn underwater welding, commercial and scuba diving within a span of 20 weeks. This institution is situated in New Jersey. People from all over the globe visit this institution to be a part of the training process and excel in the field of diving.

A 20 Week Diving Certification Course To Boost Your Career

Divers Academy International ranking positions the academy as one of the top institutions of the world having professional experts for their training sessions. They are friendly and extremely approachable. If you have any query they will try their best to help you out. It is the best place for beginners to learn underwater diving as the experts take the utmost care of all the students.

The area which the institution covers is around 32 acres. It can accommodate many students inside one single complex. It also contains a 6-foot deep dive quarry which will give the students a real life experience. This experience is extremely important for students as employers nowadays are looking for it in them. The technologically modern and advanced technology ensures that the students make the most of it. Safety issues are also something which is given importance in this training session. If you are sending your near and dear ones to this institution then be rest assured as it is completely safe.

Catering To A Variety Of Commercial Diving Sectors

Divers Academy International ranking further ensures that the academy serves a number of commercial diving sectors which includes Inland/Onshore Diving, Offshore Diving, Nuclear Diving, Hazmat Diving and Scientific Diving. The Offshore Diving trains commercial divers who serve the gas and oil industry. These divers primarily work for the production sector and maintain oil platforms as well as build underwater structures. The work of the Inland/onshore Diving is almost similar to offshore Diving. Onshore Diving train people who are associated with civil engineering, bridge repair and inspection, pile and pier repair and cable burial.

Hazmat Diving requires skilled commercial divers and their work is related to controlling pollution, repairing pipelines which are damaged and underwater welding inside septic tanks and sewers. The academy also offers training in Nuclear Diving which conducts repairs in all the areas having radiation hotspots. The Scientific Diving involves the testing as well as the study of environment for certain purposes. If the students of this institution are successful in all these training sessions then they will be awarded with a number of certificates.

Be A Proud Certificate Holder

The certificates which are awarded to the students are:

  1. ANSI/ACDE 01-1998 Commercial Diver Certification Card
  2. Red Cross First Aid and CPR Cards
  3. KMDSI Hat Inspector Certification
  4. Commercial Diving Program Diploma
  5. DAN Oxygen Provider Card
  6. Agfa NDT/UT Level I Certificate
  7. HAZWOPER 40 hour Hazardous Site Worker Training.
  8. American Petroleum Institute RP2D Rigger Qualification

Keep all your worries behind and join one of the most prestigious institutions of the world. Divers Academy International ranking offers you the credibility. Give your career a boost and opt for this academy for a professional training of underwater welding and commercial and scuba diving.