Looking for the right labelling solution for your organisation? 

Whether you are making shipping, production and distributing products, or serving clients, we assist you to operate at your peak. Remote control administration is easy, integration simple and performance unique. You will have the view and understanding for better decision-making and softer work flow. Keeping your procedures working smoothly and properly is the main concern. You depend on printers and applications that are reliable, long lasting, simple to use and do not need much space.

You need to choose a label printer carefully as they are your partners in ensuring your final product is presented in the best way. Labeling contributes to your brand awareness and determines the shelf appeal of your product. You need to ask the right question so as to get the right label expert. Ask yourself the following questions before choosing a label printer;

  • Which services do you require from an expert in label printer? This is determined by the level of your project. For startups, you need a printer who will offer advice and guidance.
  • What is the potential of your label printer? Choose a printer who will provide sufficient attention and support. Confirm that your order requirement is more than you printer’s minimum order. Do not choose a very large label printing company if your order is not so big.
  • How competent is the company? Does the company offer digital printing, flexographic, screen printing or all the above? Can they do shrink sleeves, hang tags, embellishments, extended content labels, or flexible packaging. What kind of inks do they use?
  • What is their level of experience? How long have they been printing? Do they hold certifications like ISO or GMI? An established company is well experienced and is likely to be in business in the future. You can visit the physical address of the company if it is a local company.
  • How fast is their service? The turnaround starts when you place an order. If you need more time in finalizing your art or discussing the available options, reach out to your printer in good time. If you have a tight deadline, consider shipping and press proofing time.
  • How innovate are they? Your label markets you. Choose a company that uses new and exciting equipment and technology in their service delivery.
  • Do they have any questions? A printing company should get as much information as possible. They need to know the application conditions, surface to apply and use of labels.
  • Do you have compatible communication styles? Are you comfortable communicating via email or phone call? Will the company be available on the platform for communication? A good company will go out of their way to communicate in your convenient platform.
  • How good are their samples and references? Samples display the quality of work provided by the label printer. For references, ask your peers and make sure you visit the printer’s website before hiring them.

A good label printer will be deliberate about knowing you and helping you make the right choices.

Florin is the a freelance article writer, editor and a social networking fan.