Image Search Engine

David developed image search engine will allow us to surf the Internet becomes a lot easier. The course of the study, David developed a way, using artificial intelligence to automatically retrieve large picture gallery and catalog. He will call this approach “a large library of interactive semantic image retrieval and search.” This technology can be retrieved once thousands of pictures.

Bacteria Eat Plastic

Garbage is one of the most serious problems facing the company garbage recycling. Garbage need 1,000 years to degrade, until they degrade, the world we live in may have been occupied garbage. To solve this problem, Daniel – Boulder is trying to find bacteria that eat plastic. With the help of processing plastic waste, the bacteria found in Boulder is expected to revolutionize the whole world.

Junior Development Fusion Reactor

Large-scale nuclear fusion reactor become reality may take decades. A teenager with a proven distance between us and this dream is far from previously thought so far. The amazing 15 year old boy is Tiago – David – Olson. In their own garage, Olson developed a nuclear fusion reactor. In the absence of any relevant engineering knowledge, Olson basically from scratch.

Teach a Robot to Learn English

South Africa’s middle school students – Luke Taylor developed an interesting system that can teach a robot to understand voice commands. Taylor development of the robot software to allow him to give instructions in English, the memory of the robot will be converted into a code, and then execute a voice command. Current research and development of a voice command system is not much for a high school student who is only 15 years old, this is a great achievement.

9 Surprising Technology Researches In World

Chemical Sniffing Lego Robots

To help combat terrorism, high school student Anna – Simpson created a robot capable of sniffing chemicals, this little engineers use Lego pieces and simple electronic component manufacturers this autonomous mobile robot, able to use a permeable silicone chip to detect and respond to chemical spills. Once exposed to volatile organic compounds, the chip will change color.

Space Exploration Balloon

Spanish students prove that space exploration produced a latex weather balloon and a little patience. This school produced a protective rigging, built-in electronic sensor and Nikon Coolpix cameras. Rigging mounted on a latex balloon, after flying into the sky. In actual operation, the balloon’s performance far more than they expected, and finally fly into about 160,000 km of altitude, entering outer space edge

Nuclear Detectors

17-year-old boy Taylor – Wilson does not want to live in fear of a nuclear bomb being. In his view, our troops need to find a better way to detect nuclear weapons. To this end, he developed in his garage a convenient weapon detector. The detector manufactured by Wilson, age 14 fusion reactor, power can be the same as the X-ray cargo scanning to detect whether the goods in possession of radioactive materials.

Spacecraft Navigation Software

18-year-old Erica – Germany The Tix are a space enthusiast, grew up on NASA’s space exploration program full of curiosity. Although never go into space, but that did not stop her from related research and exploration of space. The Tix Germans developed a new way to calculate the impact of planetary gravity and the movement of planets, space travel, this calculator can help you plan the route within the solar system.

Household Equipment, Power Management System

Electronic devices we use to spend a lot of power, increasing our carbon footprint every day. They plugged in wait for us to use, we have no reason to allow them to continue to consume power. To solve this problem, Gupta developed their own home automation control systems, the use of electronic technology management electric household equipment, home automation control system is designed to save energy.