4. Do not share your Toothbrush

Some surveys show that more than 80% woman share their tooth brush with their partner,but as you know there are many bacteria in our oral and tooth brush, even we brush tooth seriously, we are still can’t clean them completely. If you share tooth brush with your partner, bacteria will pile up in tooth brush and tooth paste that might spread to each other, so try to use separate tooth brush and paste.

5. Whitening Your Teeth

White teeth always give you good impression, so whitening your teeth is so important. I recommend two dental clinics to you, one is teeth whitening melbourne, another one is teeth whitening parramatta.

8 Ways To Gives You A Healthy Teeth (2)

5. Calcium is More Important than Candy

The most important thing to protect your tooth is to supplement calcium.

Calcium is the main component to strengthen teeth enamels, which protect teeth from corrode. Although we can buy many tooth paste with calcium supplement, the best way to supply calcium is diet. Dairy is the best calcium product, it is better to have it at night as our body has strongest absorption capacity.

6. Use Dental Floss Regularly.Maximum use for 3 Times Every Week

You also have 30% to 40% tooth cloud not be fully cleared even you brush for 5 minutes every times, in particular for those whose teeth are not in order. Dental floss is the best tool for teeth care as it can bring out all the debris which were hidden in your teeth to prevent tooth decay. One thing you must remember is not to use it more than 3 times everyweek, otherwise you can’t show up your smile as the gap of teeth become wider.