Some say I want to share my room, while some prefer not to. This all depends on the type of roommate you live with. If your roommate is just too good and you two have enjoyed moments together then you might enjoy staying with a roommate, while the vice versa applies if you and your roommate are not in sync. Let us find out the different types of roomies you get to stay with in your PG in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi or any other city in India.

  1. Lazy one

Lazy ones are found in any of the PGs in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi or any other city in India. They are too lazy to get up from their bed and do the chores of the room. Some may also have their undone laundry lying around the bed. Make sure you do not tell you roommate to pay off the bills or get something from outside when they are lazing on their bed; it is for sure you would have to do it yourself.

  1. Fitness comes first

A person getting up early in the morning, practising yoga or any other form of exercise and maintaining a strict diet routine to be fit, is surely the fitness freak. Some of these may not disturb your routine at all, while some will try their best to motivate you to follow their routine. A room on rent in Bangalore or Pune or any other cities with them won’t be problem unless they make you follow their routine.

  1. Shop-a-holic

I hear this a lot of times, especially from the roomies staying in one of the flats in Delhi or Bangalore or Mumbai, that my roomie has so many clothes or accessories that I do not have place to keep my stuff. Well this is a problem with people staying in the shopping places, or have just moved in somewhere from one of the shopping places of India. But, do not be surprised, if you roommate hit the mall every weekend and gets something new; they are shop-a-holics and they live to shop till their bank balance drops.

  1. Happy-go-lucky

This type of roommates will never disturb you nor would interfere in your routine. They will talk when you talk with them and if you are busy will be busy in their own world. They will are least bothered about what others think and believe in living for the moment. These are rare to find so one needs to keep hunting in one of the houses for rent in Pune or Delhi or Hyderabad and other cities.

  1. Whinny one

These will cry over the smallest of the things coming their way. Be it a small cup of tea or rain, they just need a small reason to droop water from their eyes. So, do not be surprised if you find your roommate crying over smallest of the smallest issues in your flat or rented apartment.

  1. Messy

Ahh! We remember this one. The most troublesome of all. Messy roommates are another of the laziest ones to clean their part of the rooms and would never care to clean it themselves, unless they are in some mood.

  1. Party Animal

Very easy to find in one of the flats in Delhi or Bangalore, as these are the core party areas of the country. Well, things apart, these types love to party every weekend, hence  they would either host house parties or hot one of the clubs every weekend to get drunk and dance all night long. They come back or wake up with a hangover and might complain of the same every Sunday morning.

  1. Cleanliness Freak

For them, house or flat should be speck clean and they would go on a cleanliness drive every weekend or everyday if possible. Their cupboards are organised and they like to keep things that way. Also, every time you enter the room, it would be spotlessly cleaned with things placed neatly inside the room.

Which of these is yours, let us know….

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