8 Things You Need To Have In Mind When You Prepare For A Moving

Have you finally made the decision to move? You are probably already stressed about what is ahead of you, since transporting all your furniture, items, valuables, and other things tend to be a nerve-racking business. There is a lot of preparation that has to be done in order for everything to happen the way it should.

It isn’t all about packing and getting your things from location A to location B. You have to think about finding the right moving company, changing your address, prepare your new home before you leave your old one, and so on. In this article, we are going to discuss 8 things that you need to have in mind when you prepare for a moving.

Calculate moving costs

Start by calculating how much your move is going to cost so that you can prepare a budget. Try to stick to the number that you came up with down the line. The truth is that there are a variety of expenses that you need to cover.

Some of the costs include hiring a moving company, getting the boxes, supplies, padding and tape to the location, travel costs (such as gas, lodging, bus or plane tickets, etc.), bills that you need to cover for both your old and new home, and money that you might need in case an accident happens.

Prepare your new home

It’s pointless to start moving until you prepare your new place for the whole process. Go and check out your new place before the move in order to determine what kind of improvements need to be done and how you are going to organize everything. This will make it a lot simpler to take care of problematic areas before you get your new place full of moving boxes and furniture.

Write everything in a notebook

It’s wise to make a moving journal, in order to make sure that your move goes as planned. Have a notebook where you are going to write everything, including to-do lists, receipts, and budget estimates. Colored page dividers are a great way to make it easy to find the section you are looking for right away. Write down where particular items are packed or where you need to pack them before you get down to business.

Get free packing and moving supplies

In order to save some money during your move, you can decide to get free packing supplies instead of spending money on them. Basically, go to a local supermarket or store and ask for various kinds of boxes, which they will most probably happily give you without any charge. When it comes to the size of the boxes, remember that small ones are perfect for valuables as well as navigating narrow hallways.

Hire the right moving company

Moving is a lot easier if you decide to hire a professional moving company. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and money. Look around and get various fees from different companies until you pick one that suits you and has the lowest rates. You can also check online reviews of the company that you have chosen in order to make sure that you have made the right choice. Remember, a happy customer = Happy Moving.

Make use of the overlap time

If you can wait for a couple of days after you have bought your new home, it would be wise to make use of that time to move and install all the utilities. This is a great time to use to take care of some things beforehand, such as cleaning and painting. If you need to move straight away, contact the previous owners in order to make sure that both sides have the time to move their items, and to evade any confusion.

Get help from friends and family

A professional moving company is the best solution, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some friends or family members to help you out on the day of the move. Plan how you can use their help. They could lift heavy items or unpack and arrange them after the arrival. Moving during the weekend is a good idea because then people are off work and can be there for you.

Change your address

It is essential that you change your address with everyone important before you move. This includes changing the address with the postal service, forwarding mail for a certain period of time, and making sure that cable, electricity, and phone lines are set up. You should also keep your insurance company up to date, as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles. Finally, think about your doctors, dentists, and the like.

Final words

Follow the tips discussed in this article to make your move to a new home go smoothly. While it will certainly be stressful, it will go much easier if you plan everything ahead properly. After you have settled in your new place, you should make friends with your new neighbours, and set yourself up for a new life.

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