There is nothing as irritating as replacing a slipping bra strap continuously. This is one of the signs that you are actually not wearing the perfect undergarment. It’s a wonderful feeling to take your bra off by the end of the day and feel more comfortable while you relax after a busy day. However, finding an inner wear that will fit you perfectly can really make you feel good and confident about yourself.

8 Situations In The Life Of Women When She Should Purchase A New Bra

We have spoken with our consultant breast surgeon at the Harley Street Breast Clinic, Mr. D B Ghosh, about the number of times in the life of a woman when she needs to change her lingerie and purchase a new one. Thus, wherever you may fall in this program, make sure you consider upgrading your next intimate wear as per your need. Let’s discuss some situations in life when women need to buy a new bra.

  1. Before and during adolescence – This is quite common for girls to develop a bud in the breast just behind the nipples at an early age. It may sometimes be hard but is nothing to worry about. Girls do not need to wear an inner wear when they are very young. During puberty, wearing a soft bra is important that helps the bosom to grow properly. They do not have to support heavily or under wired since the busts are changing constantly.
  2. During the time of menstrual cycle – Some women pass through noticeable changes in their busts during menstruation, which includes swelling and tenderness. Sometimes, you may need to wear a period bra when the busts become slightly bigger. These inner wear help support your bosom during period.
  3. When you are expecting a baby – When a woman becomes pregnant, the busts enlarge for breastfeeding. It is important for pregnant women to buy a new and large sized inner wear 3 to 4 months when she is expecting. Make sure to change the intimate wear by the end of the pregnancy as chest continues to grow during this time.
  4. At the time of breastfeeding your baby – Every women should wear a properly size bra at the time of feeding her baby. It provides sufficient space for the nipple pads if needed, can be removed easily and is comfortable for sore nipples and skin.
  5. After the menopause – Since the oestrogen level gets reduced, chest tissues may change throughout the menopause. They may become less elastic and more saggy or droopy. You will have to buy lingerie that can hold and support them properly. Moreover, women usually increase weight after menopause that increases the measurement of their inner wear.
  6. During the night – Women who have very big breasts should wear a soft crop top style intimate wear during the night. This will not only support the busts while sleeping but also help alleviate chest pain. Besides, it will also keep the bosom ligaments and skin in their place.
  7. At the time of chemotherapy and breast cancer – Women gain weight when they undergo chemotherapy. As such, it is important to wear a comfortable and supportive inner wear during this time. Women who had a breast surgery in the past should check their post treatment bra. It may help them feel confident with their body by wearing right size lingerie after the surgery.
  8. During old age – Many women lose weight when they become old. As such, the size of their busts reduces leaving them with fatty tissues. However, old women too should wear the right size intimate wear for holding their boobs properly.

Many women who go to the store for buying perfectly fitted lingerie or measure themselves at home regularly may be wearing wrong lingerie. This is because most of them do not even realize it, however there is much more to picking a good fitted intimate wear than only knowing about your cup size. If you’re lucky enough, you may visit a store where the staffs can help you in selecting the right lingerie.

Wearing a good bra support your boobs, reduce the risk of sagging and drooping, make you feel comfortable and look more attractive. As such, it is very important to wear the right size intimate wear at different stages in your life.

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