8 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Auto Insurance

8 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Auto Insurance

Did you buy your auto insurance plan based on its price alone? No, you didn’t! You weighed the pros and cons of different insurance plans, based on the coverage you needed. It is likely that you also considered other factors like the claims response of the insurer and customer service quality. Some insurers are more lenient towards higher-risk drivers. If you are such a driver, then you may have preferred them over the others.

Job well done! Auto insurance is crucial for your safety and that of your family. However, that isn’t the only kind of benefit that it has to offer. Below are some other advantages that you might not be familiar with:

Association discounts

If you belong to some large association, such as the AAA or Farm Bureaus, you might be eligible for an association discount! Usually, these are member-only benefits and may seem minor. However, over time, you could end up saving quite a lot. Many small insurers also offer this advantage, so you should discuss this with your insurance agent before signing up. After all, there’s no harm in asking!

Employers’ non-ownership liability

This insurance policy can be useful to drivers who operate vehicles that they don’t own. If you are using those cars for your business, you could be eligible for a non-ownership policy too. Ask now to keep from paying later…literally!

Comprehensive cover

Did you know there is auto insurance against floods? While most car owners are familiar with coverage offered against damages against collision, they might not be aware of comprehensive coverage. Firstly, it isn’t mandatory, so you will have to opt for this option to be covered. Secondly, it is very useful because it protects you from accidents that your collision policy won’t!

If the car that you insured using a comprehensive policy is stolen, this policy will pay for replacement or repairs. It is also applicable in case of damages caused by extreme weather, such as windstorms and floods. Your collision cover won’t amount to much if, say a tree fell on your car and damaged it. However, if floods are a regular occurrence where you live, then you may want to think about comprehensive coverage!

Personal injury protection

Think of this kind of policy as Medical Payments coverage with a broader range of protection. It means that you could have cover for medical and funeral costs via your auto insurance! The protection is extended to the household members of the insured, as well. In some states, it is also possible to partially recover other expenses. This includes wages lost due to recovery after an injury and in-home assistance costs.

Military and veteran discounts

Citizens who were or still are a part of the Armed Forces can qualify for a discount on auto insurance. This type of discount is also available to those who have or were in the National Guard or the Reserves — you could get 15% discount. Additionally, some insurance agencies also run programs specially designed for the assistance of military families. All you’d need to do is offer proof of service to be declared eligible and pay much lower premiums.

Uninsured motorist property damage

This auto insurance policy is most useful for those who have not purchased collision coverage. The policy can pay for damage caused to your property by someone with or without enough auto insurance.

Glass breakage

If being reimbursed for damages, caused by someone with insufficient insurance, sounded good, this will sound even more better! As its name indicates, the glass breakage policy will reimburse you, so that you can replace your car’s cracked glass. What is more is that the insurance company doesn’t consider the cause of the break when paying!

If car break-ins are a severe issue in your neighborhood, then you may want to take advantage of this policy. It will also be beneficial for car owners whose work takes them to unpaved roads.

Custom parts and equipment

Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE) coverage can help pay for damages to the custom paint and equipment. You can protect them now even if they weren’t originally a part of the deal!

With all these benefits waiting for you, it might be time to look for a good Auto Insurance Agency. Look for an experienced insurance company that knows just how to cater to your unique needs. For instance, did you know that it is possible to get insurance policies customized to your needs? For such a policy to work perfectly though, you’d need insurance support that you can rely on!

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