Event organizers and planners fail to locate the best venues because they do not know exactly what to ask. Selecting a venue for hire is an influential factor of event planning. If you are an event planner, consider these 7 checklist tips for finding the ideal venue.

7 Things Event Planners Need To Understand About Function Venues

  1. The convenience of guests

Even though guests may not be residents of a particular location, the venue should be in proximity to the location of guest’s residences or workplaces. The place must be convenient in terms of transportation means as most parties end up with drunk drivers who cannot take themselves home and might need public transportation like taxis.

  1. The Weather

The prevailing weather demands adjustments in the needs of a function. During hot seasons, the venue needs to have shades and be an open place where people do not congest. On rainy seasons, the event organizers need to have umbrellas put in place for shelter.

  1. The target audience and size

Before picking on any venue, planners need to understand the type of attendees and their numbers so that they can have ample accommodation and facilities. When a venue is too big or if guests show up in small numbers, a partition can be used to redesign the space. Understanding the demographics of a crowd is imperative. For instance by knowing the financial statuses, you will estimate their daily allowances and standards of their basic needs. The preferences of the guests must be prioritized.

  1. The fees

Understand what the venue cost covers. Ensure you comprehend about taxes and you are free to make negotiations so as to get the best prices. Ask for additional charges like parking fees, security, liability covers, catering costs, recreational provisions, liquor costs etc. If the venue provides guest rooms, ask how much is charged per night. The, confirm the payment methods and routine. If any deposits are made, it should be clear as to whether or not they are refundable.

  1. Venue information and reputation

Event planners need to ask the list of functions held in particular venues before selecting them. Pictures of different events can tell how suitable a venue is. References are important too so as to understand the expertise and accommodation services provided for. Other important considerations include the dress code of servants, ratio of servants to guests, and I servants can work overtime in case the function extends for longer periods. It is good to check for external distractions like noise, hazards, and bad neighborhood.

  1. Venue services

A good venue offers extra services like parking, security, catering, decorations, restrictions and more. The parking facility must be near the venue and offer good rates. Some functions like political gatherings need security- police, paramedics, fire fighters etc. The emergency exits must be clear especially where a multitude gathers. Other services that make an event successful include audio-visual aids, staging and lighting, ticketing, and transport.

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