There are many amazing and admirable places in Malaysia, where you can take your wedding ceremony. You can have it in Indian, Chinese, Malaysian or European traditions. This is the country where you can organize your official wedding and ceremonial wedding with the bright dress and flowers. If you want to get married officially, you should have the document, confirming that you are not married for now.

So, hire the car from the Langkawi airport and go to see the island. Langkawi is the best choice to get romantic ceremony. Just make a step to the warm and soft sand, surrounded by the most admirable parks and gardens and say YES to each other. The nature of the island is the best decoration for your wedding. You can get the best views, expressive sunsets, lyric mood. Malaysian wedding is the event that you will always remember. This is also a great opportunity for newly married to change and renew their wedding traditions, mixing them with the Malaysian piquant flowers.

Madi + Pika

Wedding Ceremony

According to Malaysian traditions, the bride and groom must be dressed in the special national costumes. The ceremony is conducted on the wooden platform. This is a kind of the wooden alcove, masterfully decorated with flowers. It is situated outside in the garden or park. Of course, the newly married can use lots of special privileges in their special day. For example, they are offered to ask for the wedding manicure, haircut and SPA procedures. Of course, there are many flowers, champaign and other pleasant surprises. All you dreams can be implemented into life right here in Malaysia.

Wedding Rituals

The wedding ritual in Malaysia is almost the same as Indian traditions. Thus, the bride’s hands must be decorated with curly curious designs by henna. There is another interesting ritual about the signing of the wedding contract. This is a special groom’s present to his new wife. One more thing, the groom has to take the bride to the wedding banquet supported with the drums’ sounds and crowds of relatives.

Wedding Banquet

Traditionally, banquet is also an important part of Malaysian wedding. It starts in the evening. You can taste something exotic and traditional for Malaysians. The cuisine of this country consists of Indian, Malaysian and Chinese traditions. You should try rice and fruits. Malaysia is also famous of its seafood dishes.

Syazwan + Azila // Reception

Wedding in the Garden

Do you want to have the admirable wedding? The wedding in the garden is the best elegant and flowered ceremony you can ever have. Look what a beautiful nature is around you! This is a part of something fresh, green and gentle. The atmosphere is romantic. Lankgawi is the most beautiful island in Malaysia. The nature is impressive here. You do not even have to look for a bog park or garden for wedding. It is enough to go out the street and find a good place for wedding outside the city. Here is the list of wedding tricks to make your ceremony more romantic and more NATURAL.

Choose the Garden

Actually, all parks and gardens are good for wedding. It may be Italian, French or Malaysian garden or a small square. The main thing is nature: elegant and colorful flowers, fresh greenery. The flowers are very important for wedding, especially in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The successful and masterful floristic decoration creates special atmosphere – romantic and heart-touching.

Wedding Colors

The amazing and fresh colors for wedding in the garden are green and yellow. They are especially attractive for emotional brides. It is also interesting to pick green color in the variety of small details, like groom’s tie, rings, bride’s shoes, etc. Green color is rather European. Malaysians prefer bright colors, especially in the garden.

The unique combination of green and deep blue makes your wedding elegant. These colors are good for the bride’s dress, wedding decorations here and there. Pay attention to powder-blue color and yellow. They look naturally among the variety of garden flowers. The best choice for romantic wedding is peach and green combination. The tones of pink and green are mostly preferable in spring. Blue and white make your wedding elegant. They are good for beach wedding.

Natalie + Lincoln

Flowers in the Hair

The wedding fashion is changeable. Nevertheless, fresh flowers are always in trend. They are gentle and romantic. The flowers can be easily used as a hair decoration. Malaysians like orchids for decoration. It can be one big flower in the bride’s hair or many smaller flowers. It looks stylish. Orchid is a flower that was created by the God’s wish special for wedding to make the bride extremely intense.

Creative Bonbonnieres

The first bonbonnieres are made in form of small boxes, where the sweets were placed to be the symbol of the family happiness, long life and welfare. There is also a nice tradition to present the love seeds to all guests. The love seeds are bonbonniers with the decorative seeds inside.

Birds in the Garden

There is nothing better that the wedding in the style of Love Birds. This is a good wedding idea for different season. This idea is especially good in summer or spring, when the birds are freely flying. You may use the birds’ figures, cages, nests, feathers, paper garlands for decoration. These elements are usually used to create the bride’s wedding look: hair, flowers, dress.

Flowers Everywhere

Let the spring be the guest in your wedding. The flowers must be everywhere: in the trees, alcoves, baskets, garlands. You may use European traditional flowers or exotic exemplars. The combination of bright flower lines and fruit and berry decoration looks harmonies.

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Flowered Dresses

Flowered dresses of different prints and colors are especially attractive for the young bride. They can be sewed from the same textile with lots of flowers. The bridesmaids’ costumes make the unique composition with the bride’s lovely dress. The garden wedding with variety of flowers is the best idea to express your originality and feel nature to the full. You can use different ideas to make your wedding date the unforgettable moment.