7 Simple Tips For Using A Sewing Machine


Glamorous textile wonders all begin with a single stitch. Using a sewing machine can be frightening especially if you have never used it before. However, don’t let the fear of using this magical machine keep you from designing the best designer clothes ever to be found on the stores. Sewing machines are used for both industrial and home productions and no matter where you are, there is always something you’ll find interesting when dealing with the machines. Below are seven simple tips that could guide you as you start using a sewing machine.

Understand the Different Sewing Styles

Read and research to familiarize yourself with all the sewing terms so that when you come across some of the terms on your manual guide, you have an idea of what you are looking at. There are also different sewing styles and each of these will require a specific sewing machine or one that allows you to choose that feature. The advancement in technology has given us sewing machines which are multi-faceted thus allowing you to switch from one style to the other. It is always important to start with basic sewing machines and advance as you grow in experience.

Know the Different Components

Sewing machines have multiple components such like all other machines. As such, you will need to know each one of these parts and discover how each of them is used to make your sewing experience enjoyable. Different machines have these components put in different places and since some are designed to use electrical power, you should ensure that they are perfectly fitted to avoid any accidents. Some of the main components include: –

Put Together the Sewing Supply’s

Research on the necessary components you need for stitching and have them ready. You may also need to consider replacement parts in case you need them in future and make sure they are readily available for the brand you have identified.

Set Up the Machine 

Set up your machine on a sturdy table and using manual guide, read carefully all the instructions of installation before you attempt your first stitch. Always make sure the machine is firmly positioned on a strong working platform.

Learn How to Stitch

Gather some tutorials on how to us a sewing machine. It is recommended that before you make your first stitch, be safe, learn and engage in a basic lesson with an experienced sewing teacher or watch YouTube or any other channel for some sewing tutorials.

Use the Right Fabric

All sewing machines aren’t designed for use on all the different kinds of fabrics. Some are lightweight and only designed for lightweight fabrics while others are heavy-duty and can be used on tough materials including leather. As such, only use the specified material types to avoid machine breakdown or even accidents.

Perfect and Practice Your Skill

You will only get better at this skill if you keep practicing, learning and exploring your new acquired talent. So, go ahead and aim at becoming better. This can only be achieved in studying and practicing more on how to stitch or how to use the sewing machine.

Even the most expensive designer clothes on earth were done by someone who started where you are. You can make it too but only if you have the right attitude and sewing machine. You should learn a few things on how to identify the best machine before making your purchase.

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