7 Simple And Extremely Effective Tips For Perfectly Healthy Hair

7 Simple And Extremely Effective Tips For Perfectly Healthy Hair

All women want to have gorgeous hair like the ones in the commercials for shampoos. But we all live driven by crazy schedules and we usually don’t have time for anything so it always seems impossible to take care of ourselves the way we want to. But for some problems in life we don’t need to invest too much time, we just need to play the smart moves. No matter the hair type or style there are some simple rules that will help you achieve the perfect look. More importantly, by following these simple rules and changing your everyday routines your hair will become healthier than ever. So let’s take a look at these tips…

1. Hair protection is crucial

Sometimes it is impossible to completely avoid long exposure to sun, wind or rain, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to protect your hair. It is important to always have an umbrella or hat by your side. All these weather conditions can damage your hair, dry your scalp or cause an infection. So instead of using only hair products, just simply cover your head.

2. Never forget to condition

To avoid frizzy hair, you have to remember that conditioning your hair is maybe the most important part of every bath. Never forget this step and your hair will be grateful. Be careful how you do it because hair conditioners are meant for the hair, not for the scalp. Always start conditioning your hair at least 2 inches away from the roots. This is very important because if you start using conditioner on your scalp, it will become excessively oily.

3. Pick the right pillow cover

Did you know that satin pillow covers reduce breakage of the hair due to friction?  Because of their rough texture, cotton materials cause more friction, which can lead to damaged hair. So next time you go for bedclothes shopping you will know which type to choose.

4. Use colder water when showering

When you wash your hair always use colder water instead of hot. This doesn’t mean that you need to use cold water, but to try washing it with room temperature water. Hot water affects your hair the same way as a curling iron or flat iron, so try to avoid it, at least for your hair if you can’t stand it on your whole body.

5. Eat healthy

The healthier you are, the healthier your hair will be as well. If you want to have beautiful hair you need to eat as healthy as you can. Some nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and iron are crucial for the growth and health of your hair, so you must consume them on regular basis. If you work hard, and you don’t have enough time to be careful with your diet then you can try using supplements like SugarBearHair vitamins that will help you achieve your hair goals. The Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are a great example of hair supplements that will get you the right dosage of vitamins and minerals your hair needs. If you combine them with good nutrition and exercising, the results will come in no time.

6. Dry your hair the right way

Never rub your hair with a towel. Wrap your hair in a cotton towel, and let it absorb the moisture for 10 minutes. Then unwrap it and dry it with a hair dryer from a distance.

7. Cleanse your hair once a week

If you are using too many hair products, you can harm your hair and scalp. Clean your hair once a week by adding one tablespoon of baking soda in your shampoo. This mixture will make sure that you will clean your hair from the entire gunk.

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