A carpet or rug cleaning company may look good in one glance offering great deals, professional technicians and cheap prices. But most of the people enter into the carpet cleaning business just to make lot of money. They offer cheap prices which they compensate with poor quality work and the professional looking technicians are in reality having no idea how to do their work.

So, before you hire a rug cleaning Toronto company, it is advisable to ask few questions so that you are assured of the proper quality of work you are going to get. You can also call Toronto steam n clean to save yourself from all the hassles and get perfect service.

7 Questions To Ask Rug Cleaning Company Toronto Before You Hire

  1. Are your technicians certified?

Certification from proper institute is equivalent to a degree in carpet cleaning. The technicians not only have to study, but they get trained and they are tested before getting certification. Check out Facebook profile to learn what their users have to say.

  1. How many years of experience do you have in this field?

Experience brings in perfection. So, ask the rug cleaning Toronto company that you are going to hire so that you know that you are going to hire a company that has handled many cleaning projects and knows exactly how the process goes on. Gather more information about the company.

  1. Are your technicians insured?

The rug cleaning service must have their technicians insured because if a technician gets injured while working in your house, you will have to face consequences for his injuries.

  1. Will they provide proper written agreement?

Fixing things verbally has lot of negative consequences. You never know when the company might back off. So, before hiring rug cleaning Toronto you should make sure that they will make a written agreement where each and everything is described clearly. Follow the company on twitter to know about their activities.

  1. Can you provide reference from satisfied clients?

Any seasoned and quality carpeted or rug cleaning service will easily provide you the references of their previous clients. So, before hiring their service, ask for references and if possible call them to know whether they are satisfied customers or not. You can get some information here.

  1. Do you guarantee your services?

Any company that guarantees its service actually is going to provide you good one. In fact, it is essential that a rug cleaning Toronto company should provide you the guarantee in writing. A written contract will ensure they would follow the guidelines of the guarantee they are promising. Learn about the company from different sources.

  1. Do you use truck-mounted system?

Only when the rug cleaning company brings in a truck-mounted cleaning system, it will be able to do proper and thorough cleaning. Just a vacuum clean is not going to give your rug or carpet a thorough cleaning. Find out what other have to say about the service.

If you ask the above questions and do some research online about the Toronto rug cleaning company, you will be able to select the best service fitting in your budget and requirement.

Source: https://torontosteamncleanblog.weebly.com/blog/7-questions-to-ask-rug-cleaning-company-toronto-before-you-hire