Getting your disability claim approved quickly is your biggest goal, but in order to do so, it’s important that you choose the right lawyer to represent your claim. With so many disability attorneys in Spokane, how can you determine which one is most qualified and also the right fit for your needs? To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a list of seven critical questions to ask when interviewing potential lawyers.

7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Disability Attorney In Spokane

What kind of specific experience do they have with disability law?

There are many different aspects of the law and many attorneys choose to work in several of them at the same time. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this approach, choosing an attorney that focuses entirely on the area of disability law can be highly beneficial because it means he or she is an expert in that particular field.

Where are they located?

The Spokane area is quite large, and chances are you will need to visit your disability attorney’s office at least once or twice during the claims process, so make sure you are comfortable with the location and how you will be able to get to and from meetings. Ask if there are different office locations for the same law firm, as one might be preferable to the others.

What can they assist you with?

Not all disability attorneys in Spokane are created equal. Some may provide limited guidance and support while others offer much more in-depth and comprehensive services. Unless you are experienced in disability law and the process of filing and/or appealing a claim, it might be wise to look for a lawyer who will assist with every step of the process, from paperwork to litigation and everything in between.

Have they ever worked with the judges and staff at your particular hearing office?

Just like every lawyer is different, every judge has his or her own preferences and tendencies. This is another reason why hiring an attorney that specializes specifically in disability law can be helpful. Because they are in the trenches day in and day out, chances are they’re already well-versed in dealing with every judge in the Spokane area. This can provide you with a leg up in your claim.

How do they handle communication?

There will likely be plenty of back and forth between yourself and the attorney you choose to represent you during the claims process. In many cases, the legal team at the law firm you choose will handle much of this communication. Be sure you understand this up front so that you can be comfortable with the process once it’s begun.

What if the case goes to court?

It’s important to point out that some disability attorneys in Spokane do not offer representation in court for their clients. Others provide limited support in this area. Since many disability claims end up in front of a judge, you’ll want to be certain that the lawyer you select will be available and willing to represent you when and if the need to go to court arises.

How much do they charge?

Last, but certainly not least, the topic of legal fees should be on your list of must-ask questions – especially if you’ve been out of work and have been struggling financially while pursuing your benefits. Your best option is to choose a firm that offers to assist with your claim without requiring any out of pocket or upfront costs. This will ease your mind and make the whole process much less stressful.

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