Bathrooms are no longer only a place for getting cleaned up but more like a spa where we go to feel relaxed and recharge on daily basis. We want our bathrooms to be spacious, brighter and luxurious. With advanced interior and stylish renovations, we aim to have a dream bathroom where we can enjoy peace of mind and body. But unfortunately, in the urge of making our bathrooms outclass, we make some serious mistakes during renovations.

Here are 7 common mistakes you must avoid during bathroom renovations:

1. Overspending 

It’s obvious that installing a luxurious bathroom would require fat budget but overspending is not acceptable. No matter how much you spend on your bathrooms, it doesn’t add much to the overall value of your house. Nobody pays thousands for just a well-equipped and stylish bathroom. So it would be smart to spend a reasonable amount of fixing necessary issues and getting a few style fixtures.

2. DIY waterproofing 

When it comes to renovating bathrooms, there are certain things you can do yourself but waterproofing isn’t one of them. Leave that job to an expert who knows how to conceal the area properly. You must understand that a minor leakage in the bathroom can lead to serious issues such as structural damage, plasterboard decay, and peeling paint.

3. Ignoring bathroom ventilation

More focus on the style and less concern towards the design can ruin your whole bathroom renovation project. Make sure your bathroom renovations include work on ventilation as well. There should be sufficient ventilators with free doors for better air passage. A better ventilation allows moist air to exhaust from the bathroom and prevents softening of walls and ceiling material.

4. Overcrowding the area 

Consider the size of the area when renovating bathrooms. Don’t add too much in and try to maximize the space to make it more comfortable and relaxing. If the bathroom is too small for a bathtub, go for a shower. You may also consider having wall cabinetry instead of Chester drawers to preserve floor space.

5. Poor lighting 

Sometimes you need to think more practically instead of artistically. Dim lighting looks exotic and attractive but remembers you need better lighting in bathroom for tasks like shaving and waxing. Install lights near to mirror to have a clear reflection of yourself.

6. Following current trends 

Bathrooms renovations are not like decorating rooms that you can have every now and then. Instead of following current trends, it’s better to go with neutral styles. Neutral colors and low styles last longer because trends change and when new styles come on the market, old ones look quite outdated.

7.  Porous materials 

Bathrooms are wet rooms and it’s foolish to cut cost on materials. Low-quality, porous materials lead to costly damage and long-term problems. Always aim for high-quality, water-resistant materials when constructing a bathroom.

The bathroom might seem an ordinary room but its renovation is as crucial as other home remodeling projects are. Avoid these 7 mistakes and enjoy your dream bathroom on a reasonable budget.