Winter is finally a thing of the past, and though you love those long nights in front of the fire sipping cocoa, you’re ready to get out and about. However, before you put on your swim suit, slip on some sandals, and grab the sunscreen to head out to the beach, there are a few home maintenance tasks you should take care of before the hot days of summer descend. In this article, you’ll find a few of the tasks you should take care of before your summer fun can begin.

7 Maintenance Things You Should Definitely Take Care Of Before Summer Starts

Have Your Air Conditioner Inspected

One of the first things you should add to your home maintenance list is an inspection of your air conditioner unit. A technician will come out to your home, inspect your unit, and then tell you if you’re in need of air conditioning repair in Fort Lauderdale. The last thing you want is to have your AC unit go out on the hottest day of the summer!

As the summer heats up, the local heating and air companies in Florida will become super busy. It’s possible that if you don’t schedule your check up early, you might be sitting for days in the heat waiting on reputable air conditioning repair in Weston technicians to come out and fix it for you. Remember, summers in South Florida can be brutal, don’t be caught in the heat, have your AC inspected and repaired today.

Make Your Pool Safe for All

Most people can’t wait to take a dip in their backyard pool as soon as the days start to heat up; however, you need to ensure that your pool area is safe for everyone who will be around the pool, and even those who aren’t supposed to be. Contact a reputable pool fence company to have fencing installed around your pool area. In this way, you have the peace of mind of knowing that everyone from children to pets are safe in your pool area.

Check Your Insulation

Another important thing to do is check your insulation. Take a walk around your attic and see if there’s anything that might need to be replaced. It’s best to call in the professionals for this, though, as insulation can be dangerous.

Clean Up Your Yard

If you take the time to clean your yard before summer begins, then all you’ll have to do is try and keep up with the mowing and weeding during the summer months ahead. Pick up any debris and branches that might have accumulated during the winter and you’ll be one step ahead of the yard work that summer brings.

Get Your Grill Prepared

Take a long second to think about it: When was the last time you gave your grill a good cleaning? If it’s been a while, take the time to give it a good scrubbing before BBQ season begins.

Clean Screens, Shutters, and Windowsills

Gunk piles up in screens, shutters, and windowsills over the winter months, and you don’t want all of that blowing inside of your home once you open the windows to let fresh air inside. Take the time to look for holes, rips, or tears in your screens so you can replace them, and then clean all of these items from top to bottom.

Check Your Detectors

Spring is the perfect time to check smoke detectors in your home. Replace batteries if needed on any detectors you have to keep your family safe and sound.

These are just a few of the home maintenance tasks you should take care of in the spring each year. After all, once the summer begins, you want to be out and about, not stuck at home doing chores.