7 FREE Data from the ATM machine you didn’t know


Every day, millions of people visit ATMs to deposit or deposit money back and convenience money. There many banks or companies who provide ATMs machines or ATM Rental For Festivals Something so simple is easy to notice where appropriate. Here are seven facts you may not know about ATMs.

1 – Many may file a claim with the origin of a mechanical ATM.

According to Jeff Sipes of Blue Water Credit, “One issue is that the ATM was invented by Luther George Simijan, an American inventor of many patents, in 1939. The city opened the ATM (not electronic). New York bank

2-Following the first implementations of ATMs, Scottish inventor John Shepherd-Barron turned out to be in the bath when he came up with the idea of ​​ATMs distributing money instead of chocolates.

Former professional baseball player Donald Wetzel introduced the first machine to read and use magnetic stripes on bank cards.

3 – Speaking of Shepherd-Barron, his wife is the reason behind a four-digit PIN.

According to Z News, Shepherd-Barron originally proposed a sixty-digit number in the 1960s: “But he decided to consult his wife Caroline. But his wife could only remember four numbers, and thus became the most widely used length in several places. However, banks in Switzerland and many other countries require a six-digit PIN. ”

4 – The United States now has 420,000 ATMs.

“It’s more than any other country,” writes Len Penzo, who runs a private finance blog.

5 – However, in terms of ATMs per person, Canada ranks first.

Canada is followed by Belgium, Australia, and Russia.

6 – In Australia and Canada ATMs are called ATMs, ATMs or ATMs.

In the UK and New Zealand, it is an ATM rather than an ATM. And in Europe, the term used is bancomat.

7 – Swap Gold at ATMs!

The ATM in the Emirates Palace Hotel’s lobby in Abu Dhabi is gold-plated and distributes 320 gold items. Currently, about 20 ATMs have been issued, set up in the US, Switzerland, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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