A business is created to make money and thrive.  Data center management helps businesses complete many different tasks, unless they malfunction.  In the event your data center malfunctions, you need to have a plan in place to ensure your company does not lose billions of dollars due to downtime.  Here are seven tips that will help your data center remain in perfect operating order.

7 Awesome Tips Regarding Precautionary Data Center Maintenance

1. Safety is a Must 

Safety is always first when it comes to dealing with equipment so no one is hurt.  A lot of people do not realize the danger data centers possess.  Potential safety hazards must be in place and there needs to be a list of safety processes that are practiced on a daily basis to ensure the data centers remain in working order.  Preventive maintenance tasks should be performed on a daily basis.

2. Maintenance and Inspections 

Regular maintenance and inspections are required in order to ensure the data center remains in proper operating order.  One thing you want to avoid is failure during power outages.  When data centers are regularly inspected and maintained, there is a greatly decreased chance of malfunctions and errors. Regular maintenance and inspections can prevent a total loss of your equipment and other essentials.

You can catch mistakes before they escalate into something that cannot be repaired. Sometimes things can be repaired, it can cost thousands of dollars to fix.  A lot of business use data center racks to keep the equipment organized and safe from mishaps.

3. Always use Checklists

The checklist you use does not have to be four to five pages long, but it does need to include the essentials of the data center.  Standardized checklists are great to use.  You can add on to the checklist wherever you see fit.

Checklists help you keep the data center and its components maintained.  As long as your equipment is maintained properly, you have a decreased chance of encountering mishaps. Using a daily checklist can help with the maintenance of the data center and other equipment.

4. Preventive Compliance  

There is nothing better than preventive care for your equipment.  Data centers are expensive and without proper maintenance, the center can go south in a matter of minutes.  To avoid taking a major loss in your business, use preventive maintenance compliance.  Preventive care and maintenance needs to be performed on a daily basis.

The amount of money that can be lost due to downtime is a hurtful thing to consider. When preventive maintenance is performed on a regular basis, the risk of downtime and other mishaps and errors are greatly decreased.

5. Always Keep Records 

Records are a great thing to have in the event something goes wrong or malfunctions.  A lot of businesses lose a lot of money, equipment and other essentials due to the lack of documentation.

When everything is documented as it should be, pinpointing errors will be easy and it can ensure the proper working operation of the data center.  The records you keep can be used to determine how mishaps can be avoided in the future.

6. Keep Track of Your Performance 

Your performance is what stands out about your company.  Keeping track of your performance allows you to change things that may not work for your business and improve on things that can enhance the performance and outlook of your business.  Keeping track of your performance is a great way to show how far your company has come and how successful it is.

7. The Use of CMMS 

Some businesses invest in computerized maintenance management systems to help them maintain their data center.  Businesses who use CMMS have a lot of the work that involves data centers completed for them. These systems safe time and provide accurate reports.

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