Luck is defined to be as a combination of circumstances which is operated by chance that either brings good or bad to a certain person. Luck has the concept – whether good or bad – is said to be as the universal element for different cultures thus our habits and ideas about luck depends on what we have gained from the past.

You as a gambler, we strongly believe in the things you do your own way for you to achieve a balance that actually works for you as a gambler. Luck actually comes in different forms like good luck symbols which includes charms, four-leaf clover, and rainbows but aside from these, there are other interesting symbols of luck.

Here, we are going to take a closer look at the seven animals that brings good luck to the world which you can also use a person who loves going to the casino or playing online.

Here are the 7 animals believed to bring good luck around the world:

1. Rabbits 

It is said to be that for other cultures, the rabbit is said to give prosperity and fertility. For the western culture, it said that its customary to “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” first thing when you wake up on the first of the months. Also, there is the rabbit foot which is commonly carried as an amulet for you to gain good luck.

2. Frogs 

This is said to be lucky for many reasons because they are associated with rain. Why? Well, the simplest explanation for this is that when it rains, the crops grow and because of that, people will not get hungry which will make them happy. It also symbolizes fertility and safe travels.

3. Elephants 

This actually symbolizes good fortune that will bring you love, protection, academic success, fertility, and more.

4. Cats

Aside from the fact that cats are considered to be sacred in ancient Egypt, they are also a good sign for other cultures. One example is the Japanese white
cat figurine which is said to give good luck to its owner.

5. Bugs and Beetles 

This is also known as the sacred scarabs which actually very popular in ancient Egypt. It is said to be connected to the sun God Ra. It is said to give protection to one heart. One type of bug is the ladybug which said to give luck to some countries across Europe. It is also said that one’s it lands on you, you will then receive good luck.

6. Pigs 

This is considered to be lucky around the world. It is because the pig is a symbol of wealth since the Middle Ages.

7. Goldfish 

It is said to be that the goldfish as a short-term memory but at the same time fertility and copiousness. This is said to bring good luck when it comes to marriage and any relationship. From Ancient Greece, it is considered to be one of the eight symbols of the Buddha and said to bring luck all over the world. In a Slavic tale, when you catch a goldfish it will make your wishes come true.

Patrick Roth is author of this article, he is a professional gaming blogger who writes for popular magazines in Germany.