Gaining new business every month is one wish that every entrepreneur, sales manager has. But to make this wish a reality, sales team need to put in a lot of productive efforts and it can be highly impossible to make this wish a reality if there are no proper tools in place to manage things.

Being in a competitive market, it is mandatory to have a CRM for sales management in place. It is also vital that the CRM you use should automate the repetitive tasks from your sales process which will help sales team to spend more time with prospects. Once your sales team spends more time core selling, you will automatically see a drastic growth in your sales.

Let us actually see how CRM can reduce mundane tasks and help you win more sales every month:-

1] CRM can escape all repetitive and mundane tasks.

2] CRM will manage your communication.

3] CRM can give you a clear vision of deal pipeline.

4] CRM help you analyse and track your performance.

5] CRM will integrate with all your other apps and have them combined in one place.

6] CRM can also help you manage all quotes and products.

We’ll further explain how a CRM can do all this with ease:-

1] CRM can escape all repetitive and mundane tasks:-

Why use a CRM if you still need to update and make data entry in the CRM manually? A CRM is meant to reduce your tasks and not the other way round and if you are still doing these tasks, you need to switch your CRM. A smart CRM will capture your leads from all the sources like website, listing sites, social media etc and can easily make a lead/ contact in the CRM automatically without any manual intervention.

With integration with website and other social media channels, you can have your leads automatically in one place.

2] CRM will manage your communication:-

Usually sales team invests great amount of time in updating conversation that they had with customers and prospects. And yes this communication is highly valuable as this becomes a reference if you open the details next time. However this too can be automatically synced with a CRM that allows you to sync all your email communication.

With all email related features like email sync, bulk emails, tracking emails,  custom email templates, you can easily send personalized emails to your prospects and customers and manage your communication.

3] CRM can give you a clear vision of deal pipeline:-

The sales that you close at the end of month will solely depend on how efficiently you work on your deals. If you deal pipeline is cluttered and you need to search for relevant data every time you open your CRM, you definitely have high chances of missing on a good number of deals. On the other hand if your deal pipeline is completely organized and you can see which deals can be closed the fastest as per their stages, you can easily win new business every month. Once you are able to customize you deal pipeline and see all the deals as per their stages, you can hit your sales target easily.

4] CRM help you analyse and track your performance:-

It is highly impossible to grow a business without keeping track and without making analysis of various aspects of the sales process. Using an efficient sales CRM,  you can know everything about your sales and track sales team performances. These insights will help you know your strengths and areas that still have scope of improvement.

5] CRM will integrate with all your other apps and have them combined in one place:-

No business can function smoothly without using various applications. For example, sales process just cannot be managed using one tool, you need your social media tools, billing tools, bulk emails tools to be integrated with CRM which will completely your overall sales process without any hassles. As we mentioned above you can integrate more than 1000 apps via Zapier, piesync and API and have all your apps in one place integrated with your CRM.

6] CRM can also help you manage all quotes and products:-

Along with the above features, you can also manage all your products and send quotation to your customers using the CRM. This too saves your cost that you might invest in quotation management tools.

With custom quotes available in CRM’s you can send personalized quotations to prospects with images of products and this will give you an idea of which prospect is interested in which product and what is the exact quote that you have shared with them.


Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin