It is important for parents, teachers, instructors and other adults to motivate young people so they can become model citizens with positive outlook. Young people need to set clear goals and have genuine interests in specific areas. We could use movies and books for inspiration. It is also important to ask about things that motivate them. This will help them to have a full mastery of specific subjects.

6 Ways To Motivate Young People

Here are things we should do:

1. Be real:

We should motivate the younger generation through genuine characters. We should communicate with them using genuine affections and sincerity. Young people are more likely to respond to use better if they find out that we are absolutely genuine.

2. Use books and movies:

Many young people love to watch movies and read books. We should try to look positive characteristics of popular movies and books, to find correlations with values in real life. We could encourage them to find positive attributes of characters in movies and books. Then we should ask them to remove these positive attributes or replace them with opposite, negative attributes. Discuss what will happen to the entire storyline after we make these changes.

They may find that the modified story become distasteful and disappointing. This way, young people would understand about bad things that will happen if they are dominated by multiple negative attributes in real life.

3. Be a reliable role model:

Motivating young people won’t be effective if we fail to provide real examples. By being role models, we can inspire them to pursue specific goals. Assure them that without positive attributes, we won’t be speaking to them. We should also explain about things that we have been through to let them know about things they should expect in real life. Obstacles may include negative peer pressure, low self-esteem, parental pressure and failed exams.

4. Show our genuine interests:

We should let young people that we have keen interest on them. By acknowledging them, it could be easier to start quality conversation. We could introduce ourselves and ask about their names. It is important to allow them do the talking, as they explain more about themselves and their condition. We should interrupt the conversation only when we want to re-direct the conversation and make clarifications.

Before we conclude the conversation, we should express how much we enjoy the conversation. It is also possible to request to meet them again, because it will improve their sense of self-worth.

5. Provide clear goals:

Lack of motivation is inevitable if we don’t know our purposes and goals. When planning tasks with younger people, we should be able to set very clear goals. Confusion can be particularly de-motivating and it may create numerous self-esteem problems. It is necessary to try to understand these young people to avoid confusion. It is also important to simplify goals to make things easier for them.

6. Provide interesting rewards:

Young people can be motivated if they know that they will get solid rewards. Rewards should be sensible and visible to these young people, so they can be enthusiastic.

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