Most adults deal with the task of keeping their home clean and put together. They have to make sure they have allocated enough time to  ensure their home looks spotless. But with a full-time job and a household to take care of, this isn’t always something homeowners can take care of easily. And whenever they have free time, they would like to take it as time for them to relax at home.

If you are familiar with this scenario, it’s likely because you are already conscious about how you should make your home clean. And without you knowing it, you may actually have a clean home. Even if your home isn’t exactly something you would call as spotless, the fact that it’s not as cluttered as you would think it is proves that you’re doing something right. Check out these six reasons why your home is probably a lot cleaner than you think.

  1. You practice cleaning your things as you go, especially when you cook.

Do you make a habit out of wiping your kitchen countertops and rinsing off your dishes the moment you’re done using them? This is what those in the culinary industry refer to as ‘clean as you go’. When you practice this regularly, you end up doing it all the time since you hate dealing with a messy kitchen after you’ve done cooking.

  1. You put your things away after using them.

Along with putting your kitchen tools away, you put all your other things back to where you got them. This also means that you know exactly where your things are placed. You know where everything belongs and you put them back when they’re no longer needed.

  1. Your bed is always made.

You actually like looking at a made up bed. You wake up and make your bed once you get out of it in the morning, and you love the feeling of seeing a clean and fresh bed that’s inviting after a long day.

  1. You follow a schedule.

You have a weekly cleaning schedule that you follow diligently. Other people in your household have their own cleaning delegation and are expected to do the same.

  1. You have a duster that you frequently use.

There are many homeowners who do not have a Swiffer simply because they’re always unsure of how best to use it. But if you have one that you occasionally pull out to use, you know that your home is well taken care of.

  1. Your friends notice you have a clean home.

Whenever you have guests coming over, do they feel the need to remove their shoes? Is it something they do willingly? This is a clear sign that your guests consider your home to be neat. Since they see a spotless floor, they will be embarrassed to bring in any dirt or mud from the outside. As a result, they will want to remove their shoes.

These things, as simple as they may be, are a big indication that you actually have a clean home. You might not think highly of them, but they are a good sign of a clean property. If you do need to hire a professional home cleaner, you can still get in touch with a company that can do this for you; especially if you feel like you no longer have the time or energy to make your home look better.

Written by Eric Sappington, owner of Sappington’s Carpet Care, the leading company for carpet cleaning in Columbia, MO.