Hiring an electrician for your electrical needs is not a kids play. Since they are many types of electricians with different experiences and qualifications. The electrician that suits your job must be carefully selected , as one wrong connection can make your house on fire. You can hire commercial electricians for industrial use easily by some contractors or agencies , but for your residential use, it is a risk to hire a local electrician.

Here are 6 questions you must ask before you hire any electrician:

Question 1: Do You Have  a Valid license?

Every electrician in almost all the countries are given a license by the local government to carry their service. A licensed electrician had to undergo tests that prove their skills. So, the very first question you must ask an electrician is to show their license and do not forget to verify if its existing or expired.

Question 2: Who Will Obtain the Permit, You or Me?

The electrical work will be checked by an inspector only if you have a permit. Now the question comes who will take the permit , the house owner or the electrician. The electrician should pull the permits and its his job to get it before starting the work.

6 Questions You Must Ask An Electrician Before Hiring

Question 3: What is Your Experience As An Electrician?

It is better to ask an electrician beforehand about his experience in the field. If you are looking for an expert electrician, he should have atleast 7 years of electrical work experience in all the sectors. He must be able to install the data/voice cabling , solar systems and home automation. And must be aware of all codes and protocols related to electricity.

Question 4: Do You Provide Warranty Service?

If something goes wrong with the electrical systems within a short span of time , then you have to spend much on hiring a new electrician and remodeling the electrical system. This would waste so much of your money and time, so better choose an electrician who gives you a warranty of his electrical work. So that if some issue created, then he will work on it for free. Electrician Sydney cbd provides a warranty service and are available 24/7.

Question 5: Who Will Perform The Work?

It is not necessary that the person you spoke to will work on the job, he might be just a contractor. If your electrical job is intense, then better opt for an expert electrician. Hire for hourly basis or on contract basis, whichever is suitable for your work. Remember an expert electrician can cost you more than any other electrician.

Question 6: Do You Have an Insurance?

The electrician job involves high risk, any incidence can happen during work. So, better get an insured electrician which would relieve the house owner and the electrician too.

These are few must questions you need to ask an electrician before hiring him , to avoid the consequences that may cause later.